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3ce slim velvet lip color #kalanchoe + plumping lips #red review

Hi guys, today I"ll be sharing all about my latest lipstick haul from Stylekorean featuring 3CE"sSllặng Velvet Lip Color + Plumping Lips!

If you guys follow my blog/SNS, you"ll know I"m a big người of 3CE. I really like their packaging/brvà, và I find their products to be high unique as well. A few weeks baông xã I decided lớn pick up some new lippies lớn add to lớn my collection, and I"ll be sharing all about them with you guys today.

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First off, 3CE"s Plumping Lips are high-shine lip plumpers thathave sầu a jelly texture. They alặng lớn nourish & moisturize the lips, making them plump & voluptuous.

Available in 5 shades, I chose the red shade because I love sầu all things red. I actually came across this hàng hóa in their duty không tính tiền counter in Bangkok. I rethành viên thinking "Wow these are so shiny!", so I decided khổng lồ get one on Stylekorean lớn try out.

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3CE"s Slim Velvet Lip Color, on the other hvà, is a lipstichồng with a soft matte formula that blends flawlessly on your lips, delivering a weightless, comfy và long-lasting layer of colour.

They have sầu an extensive range of MLBB shades khổng lồ choose from, and they frequently exp& it with limited edition collections. Stylekorean currently carries the permanent colours, và tbh I wanted to get all of them because they all look so pretty!
After seeing the lip swatches, I decided to go with Kalanchoe. I rarely choose pink MLBB shades & go for reds/browns, so this time around I wanted to switch it up a bit.
I got both lippies from Stylekorean. If you aren"t already familiar with them, Stylekorean is a K-beauty shopping trang web that offers international shipping, 100% authentic products, miễn phí samples và a return/refund policy. Stylekorean constantly curates new products on their website và they offer lots of trendy K-beauty products!