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Whitening creams, or tone up creams if you’re after the proper hàng hóa name, are a pretty popular thành tích in kbeauty. Not lớn be confused with bleaching or skin lightening products, which are highly dangerous và should be avoided, tone up creams generally have a more cosmetic effect. Depending on the exact sản phẩm, they may have skin recovery, SPF or whitening (reducing pigmentation) benefits. The product generally also has a white colour to it so, when applied, will give the skin an immediately brightened effect. This is especially well suited for people who are naturally quite pale but have sầu some unevenness in skin tone. Of course, being a cosmetic whitening product, it does come with some controversy but I’m not here khổng lồ discuss that.

In the past, I have used the 3CE White Milk Cream, which I liked at the time. I’ve been using the left over (which is now expired) mixed in with a lotion on the rest of my body toàn thân so I haven’t tried any new whitening cream on my face for quite a while. When I found out that the 3CE white milk range had been expanded though, I was interested. Of course, the fact that this lotion is so insanely excessively packaged definitely helped!

They now carry a handful of skincare products under the White Milk collection, as well as a White Milk Lotion – which I assumed would be a similar tone up cream khổng lồ the original, but in a lighter formula. I wasn’t exactly right, but I wasn’t wrong either. I received this sản phẩm khổng lồ Reviews from StyleKorean và, while it is currently out of stoông chồng, they still carrying a range of the White Milk products (lượt thích my favourite cushion) & also the similar White Milquidro range.

So, if you’re keen to read more about this sản phẩm (& see this ridiculous packaging), read on!


Formula & Personal Experiences

The first thing that I noted for this sản phẩm, & was something that I also loved from the Cushion, is the scent! It has a very delectable milk candy sort of scent that is just very calming and pleasant – it does fade as your apply it but it is a bit strong at first, so you may have khổng lồ reconsider this sản phẩm if you don’t like milky scents.

The product is a lot thicker & creamier than I originally assumed it would be. It directly reflects what is shown in the promotional photos but, considering that it is a ‘lotion’, I actually expected something thinner. It also has a lot of Trắng pigment in it so you only need lớn use it sparingly or you will end up with an excessive white cast. Generally, I would use a pea kích thước for my entire face và a little more than that for my neông xã and chest.

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The hàng hóa feels super moisturising and rich when you first apply it. I love that the trắng pigmentation doesn’t cling lớn dry spots &, as you’re blending it out, the overall effect of it is very natural. The product absorbs well inkhổng lồ the skin with no streakiness nor a heavy feeling on the face. It’s a really good sản phẩm to use under your make up if you want something very intensely hydrating that won’t negatively affect your 3D. If your skin is rather blemish free, I can also see people using this sản phẩm alone with a little bit of concealer. The finish is very natural and radiant.

That being said, while I didn’t get any break outs from this product, I also didn’t see any additional skin benefits outside of hydration. This, & most other tone up creams lớn be honest, is something that I would rather use as a cosmetic product (with some skin benefits) rather than as a full on skincare sản phẩm as I don’t think it gives you as much nourishment as other more targeted products.

Overall, I bởi lượt thích this and I am continuing to use it every day. I feel lượt thích it is as good as the 3CE White Milk Cream, albeit a bit thicker và creamier. You definitely don’t need both in your life though, so I would recommkết thúc going for either of them if you’re after an effective sầu (and yummy) tone up cream!

So, here’s the verdict!


A tone up cream/lotion that gives immediate brightening effects và moisturises skin


Really different & fun packaging concept – suitable for giftingSturdy & good chất lượng packaging tooEasy khổng lồ dispense và control productSmells amazingCan be used sparinglyGives your skin an immediate boost of moisture without feeling heavyBrightens and evens out skin tone


The paint can packaging is excessiveNo substantial skincare or long term benefitWhite shade is only suitable for pale skintones


PACKAGING | 4/5PRICE POINT | ? (currently out of stock)SCENT | 4/5HYDRATION | 5/5COSMETIC WHITENING | 5/5SKINCARE | 2/5



If you are after a good tone up cream và not a full skincare hàng hóa then this is something that I would recommend. However, a product like this (being pure white) will only work for people lượt thích myself – fair or pale. On medium or deep skin tones, it will make the complexion look ashy and you would get a much better effect using a CC cream or a tinted moisturiser underneath.

If tone up creams are wanting lớn exp& (because outside of Asia, I can’t imagine anyone using a Trắng cream much), they could benefit from releasing a yellow or peach tinted one khổng lồ suit other skin tones.

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Although the 3CE White Milk Lotion is currently out of stock (though I am linking it for when it does come back), StyleKorean also stocks other products from the brand – & lớn be honest, I don’t feel like you need everything. If you want something super lightweight, check out the White Milk Cushion, or if you are more after a cream then there is the G9Skin White in Whipping Cream too, which is very similar but without the scent.

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