A'Pieu Color Lip Pencil Matt


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The A’PIEU x BonoBono Lip Pencil caught my eye as I was browsing the drugstore in Taiwan so of course I picked it up! In fact, it was the only makeup thành công I picked up from Taiwan! Can you believe it?

I’ve never heard of Bonobono before, but a quiông xã Google tìm kiếm tells me that Bonobono is an anime about a sea otter and his friends. Of all the animes that are out there, I think this must be one of the cuter ones, so a collab makes sense.

I’m kicking off Asian Beauty Month with a dễ thương Korean makeup sản phẩm from A’PIEU!


How can we not talk about packaging?

Seriously, packaging is what drew me to this sản phẩm in the first place! The lip pencil has a cute picture of Bonobono with his squirrel frikết thúc trailing behind. I love the little detail of trắng lineart seashells scattered all along the background. The packaging is a light, sky xanh, that matches Bonobono, and is also the main color throughout the entire A’PIEU x BonoBono collection.

The lip pencil’s packaging is made of a matte toned plastic. The kết thúc, which is the part you twist, has the shade color printed on it. The printed color is a lot darker than the actual shade is. The cap of the pencil reads the collab name “BONOBONO x A’PIEU” with “BONOBONO” written in Trắng bubble letters. I love sầu all these little, subtle details in this.

Take note, that while many sources online are calling this a lip pencil, I think this is closer lớn a lip crayon. It’s certainly larger than the typical thin, lip pencil, but it’s not as chubby as say, the Revlon lip crayons.

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Top: Heavy Swatch Bottom: Light Swatch


The shade in PK03 is a matte dusty pink & tends khổng lồ look mauve in the barrel, but translates khổng lồ a brighter pink on application. It’s not a bright pink, but a subtle, wearable one.

In the packaging, it reminds me of my Milani màu sắc Statement Lipstiông chồng in 74 Matte Darling, but the A’PIEU lip pencil is more pink. That slight tint of pink makes the biggest difference in how the color looks when applied. It’s a very flattering color.



Because the sản phẩm itself is smaller than a traditionally chubbier lip pencil, this product is very easy to apply.The lip product inside the barrel came with a domed tip which was surprisingly easy lớn use. Even without a pointed tip,I can easily outline my lips và then fill them in. This feels creamy and doesn’t drag at all- I’d say it doesn’t even feel like a matte!


The staying power is also very good with this. It wears well throughout the day và is still visible after I eat. I apply lip balm almost daily, but my lips tkết thúc to be dry. However, that’s not a problem with this product- it doesn’t further dry my lips or emphakích cỡ the dryness.


Do I recommend the A’PIEU x BonoBono Lip Pencil?

The A’PIEU x BonoBono Lip Pencil in PK03 has quickly become my favorite lip hàng hóa. From the color, khổng lồ the packaging, lớn the application, and to the wearing power, this lip crayon is fantastic. I definitely recommend this. If you don’t lượt thích mattes, then this isn’t for you- and if you don’t lượt thích mattes because they have sầu a drying texture, not to worry! This one isn’t lượt thích the rest.

Sadly, this hàng hóa is limited edition, but I’m now interested in trying other lip products from A’PIEU. I hope they perkhung just as well! Has anyone else tried them?