A'pieu true matte fluid

theliquidlipph offered lớn sover me a few shades of the A’pieu True Melting and Velvet Lipsticks that they had in stock. I don’t always get the chance to Review makeup, so I was happy to take on the challenge. I was also excited about finally trying A’pieu lipsticks because I’ve been reading good things about them.

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Both types of lipsticks are stored in sleek blachồng rectangular tubes. As you can see in the pictures, the lipstiông chồng case of the Melting line appears shiny và the Velvet one appears matte, both of which represent the texture of the lipstiông xã inside.

They have sầu a bit of weight, I assume due to the magnets within the case which greatly impressed me because I HATE it when I find that my lipstichồng tubes have popped open in my makeup bag. So far, I haven’t experienced that with the A’pieu lipsticks.

The tubes come in blachồng boxes as well, but most of the hàng hóa information is printed in Hangul.

Texture and pigmentation

The Melting line has a satin finish with a slight sheen while the Velvet line has a matte finish without that awful dryness. From my experience, both types are very pigmented while staying unbelievably lightweight. I’m used khổng lồ lipsticks with creamier và heavier consistencies, so using these A’pieu lipsticks is a welcome change. The shades are pigmented enough from one swipe, but not overly so which is good because it makes them buildable. You can either go for a sheer, gradient lip or add one or two more swipes for a fuller look. Doing the latter surprisingly doesn’t make the lipstichồng feel heavier on the lips – maybe just a teeny tiny bit, but it’s still essentially lightweight.


I’d lượt thích to lớn make it clear that the A’pieu True lipsticks are not smudge-proof & transfer-proof. They fade after a few hours và even more so while eating. But what amazes me about these lipsticks is that they have minimal transfer. I’m used to blotting my lips before và during a meal or a drink because the lipstiông chồng that I’m using is getting all over the place, but I find myself not having lớn do that with the A’pieu ones. I did during the first few days, but I consistently saw that they don’t transfer as much as my other lipsticks. After the over of a meal, I find that my A’pieu lipstick has faded but there’s still a lot of color left on my lips.

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I’ll nội dung some lip swatches of the shades below. cảnh báo that I am NC30 in MAC và that the selfies were taken with Google Camera because it produces more accurate colors than my native sầu camera tiện ích. Now, if you were going to lớn ask me what I think about the shades that were generously sent to me:

BR01 Glazed Cookie – When I first posted the lipsticks in my Instagram stories, a lot of my followers were asking about Glazed Cookie since it’s a quality shade. I thought it was going lớn look too orange on me but I ended up liking it. This is the shade I wear on most days. It’s a great work-friendly shade that adds a little bit of “oomph” without being too loud.

CR04 Hey, You – Gorgeous universal color. I’d say that this is a pretty popular shade in general so I can imagine that this would look flattering on almost any skin tone. I know some of us lượt thích being adventurous with lipstiông chồng shades, but I highly recommkết thúc this if you want a classic shade of lipstiông xã in your arsenal.

PK02 Take Baông chồng – I thought this would be too pink for me, but wow, it’s the perfect “effortless”-looking lipstiông xã I own. It looks bright enough lớn add a pop of color to lớn my entire look but is subtle enough for a clean, simple look. I like wearing these when I’m wearing muted colors và during casual weekends.


Would I purchase these of myself? Oh yes! Love the pigmentation, love how lightweight they are, love sầu the packaging, – seriously, I love these A’pieu True Lipsticks. I should also mention that I’m partial khổng lồ bullet lipsticks, which adds khổng lồ my proclaimed fondness for these (although I’ve sầu been dying to lớn try the rom&nd Juicy Lasting Tints!).

Get yours at
theliquidlipph! Follow them in Instagram & pray for your wallet because they carry great lip products!


Disclaimer: This hàng hóa was sent khổng lồ me for không lấy phí in exchange for a detailed and honest nhận xét.