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I have no idea how much I have mentioned this on my blog that I"m a big tín đồ of matte liquid lipstick. But, I"m not here to lớn talk about it. It"s time for the first-ever lip tint review! This post is dedicated to.... A"pieu Water Light Tint. I"m gonna spill everything about this lip tint, what I love & what I don"t, and either this lip tint could take over matte liquid lipstick"s place in my heart. Shall we jump right into it?

Can I be a little bit honest with you, guys? Talking about packaging"s sản phẩm is probably the last thing I like while writing a review. It"s not that important compared lớn applicator & formula, right? BUT, this lip tint makes me very excited khổng lồ talk about its packaging. I mean, how many times have you ever seen a lip product comes with hologram bottle? Looking at this lip tint gives me sort of some satisfaction for sure haha. Designing a lipstick bottle with hologram is a GREAT idea.

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Nothing special about this lip tint"s applicator. It"s like every other liquid lipstick"s. It"s a flat applicator with not-so-pointed end. I personally prefer the longer and more pointed applicator, but it still works fine. It also brings out enough product to cover up your whole lips. I also love a fact that the wand is flexible so it can adjust your movement while applying the lip tint.

This lip tint has a chất lượng formula. It"s not creamy, but thick enough to cover your real lip color. Its consistency is different compared lớn other lip tints. It looks sort of lượt thích lip gloss but less pigmented. It also has a glossy finish exactly like lip gloss. What is more interesting about this lip tint is the liquid has glitters! So, you can imagine now how glossy và shiny it would be on your lips. If you are a lip gloss person, I guarantee you would fall into this lip tint.

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Because it has a lip gloss-like finish, It"s not surprising that it transfers a lot. So, don"t expect it could be as longlasting as a matte liquid lipstick. If you wear it, don"t ever forget lớn put it in your purse because you will never know when cảm ứng up is needed. But, of course, you will definitely need it after having a meal. I was eating ramen khổng lồ put it khổng lồ the test and... It was completely gone as I did see it coming. You might be wondering, this is a lip tint, right? Shouldn"t it leave any stain? Unfortunately, it did not, at least on my lips. The strange thing is, it does leave a stain on hand demo as you could see from some pictures below. I"m guessing it was my lips which caused the stain couldn"t be obvious. Maybe, it would appear on lighter lips than mine.

A"pieu Water Light Tint comes with 12 beautiful color choices. Like any other lip tints, the màu sắc option ranges in pink, orange, & red spectrum. Those colors are gonna look perfect for every occasion, even for daily look. I was having a hard time to lớn pick one but I finally chose this eye-catching, natural, and sweet nuance of pink. It is RD03. I mean, just take a look at these pictures below, especially when I swatched it onto my lips. It looks so perfect! I"m dying.


I have tried several lip tints before this one but they couldn"t cover up my sort of dark lips. Some of them also have very strong smells which is the worst thing ever. That is why, when I found A"pieu Lip Tint, I was constantly falling in love with it. The màu sắc is beautiful, pigmented enough for my lips, & doesn"t have annoying smell. It just smells lượt thích a fresh berry. This lip tint definitely becomes a good replacement when I want lớn give my lips a little break from matte liquid lipstick.
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