DISCLAIMER: Unbiased reviews for your reference. I have smooth skin but I’m not spared from pores on my cheeks, redness around my nose & appearance of veins. Also, I have combination skin; I get oily on my t-zone area. For the lipstick I love wearing semi lớn matte formulation and with that, I have high tolerance with matte lipstick. Also, I always exfoliate my lips.Better check your skin types và preferences vì NOT put the blame if certain sản phẩm doesn’t work the same.

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I haven’t heard of this product yet & so I was happy that I discovered it. I went lớn face siêu thị power plant mall yesterday và I had no idea what to get (impulsive buyer) until it caught my attention. I haven’t tried using any corrector that acts as a primer, helps in correcting tone và a moisturizer in one. I have suesh correcting concealer but I know this is different & waaaay better than that.

Price: 195.00 very affordable knowing it contains more than the regular amount of other based products.

Net Wt: 40ml this can last me for a few months


01 Mint it helps lớn neutralize and correct the redness – I decided khổng lồ get this since I have redness around my nose & on my cheeks.02 Lavender for yellow discoloration.

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Packaging: It is housed in a trắng plastic tube, nothing special just lượt thích the usual packaging of a facial foam, lotion or face cream that you see on the market. The details are not informative simply because I can’t understand any of it. But what vì chưng you expect haha! It’s a Korean brand of course. Thanks lớn Google somehow it helps.


Lightweight makeup base that lets cosmetics set smoothly and flawlesslyMakeup base that brightens skin with better tonesSPF 30 PA++ protects your skin

Formula và Durability: Though it doesn’t claim khổng lồ be matte or work as a primer, with my experienced I would say that this is an all- in-one makeup base. It has the same texture of a lotion/moisturizer with a bit sticky feeling at first application.

It provides a smooth canvass on the skin và leaves a translucent base on the face. It doesn’t feel heavy and sets quickly, I like using it with my finger instead of a foundation brush because it is very easy to lớn blend. The texture is not too thick & runny. I use it on my cheeks & t-zone area where I have redness, and I was really impress on how it diminished discoloration & normally I have to apply concealer on the areas where I have redness whenever I use a light foundation specially BB Creams. The fact that I won’t have to lớn put another layer of foundation just to lớn cover those imperfections is really a time saver. It has a great coverage which really corrects redness as it claimed. Another great thing about this hàng hóa which I’m not expecting is how it lessens the buildup of oil on my t-zone area. It’s been 5 hours & my nose is not visibly oily.

Good thing that I have found this savior to help me và make my everyday routine much easier with no hassle.

Overall it’s been 11 hours và it seems as if I just put my trang điểm on.I loooooove this product!

I highly recommend you to lớn try this especially if you have oily skin. This is really affordable and way better than those high end products, really a must have on your kit. I would definitely get another one for my back up.