I have sầu that psu và I'm looking for upgrading my gpu to rtx 2070 super. 550w seems lớn be okay for this gpu, but how good is this psu actually? I mean it’s in tier-4, & many people are saying that tier-4 psus are bad, & others are saying this psu is fine. Rtx 2070 super is pretty expensive, và I'm on a tight budget. But I don’t want my gpu to be ruined. So is this psu good? Or should I change this psu as well?


It's a decent psu. I don’t get it, why vị so many people people hate this psu so much?

What's the rest of your system loom lượt thích parts wise? 550w is fine for the thẻ but if the rest of the computer is pulling a decent amount of power it might be putting some strain on the PSU. I'd personally be more worries about that. Antec is usually a unique PSU and I'd trust anything bronze rated by them.

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i5-8400 16 gb 2400mhz ram mmê mẩn b360m vh-pro mobo Gtx 1060 (for now) 3 fans (120mm), 1 air cooler for cpu

Online psu calculator never recommemds the wattage over 500w for rtx 2070 super with rest of the system unchanged.

As far as I know NeoEco is a rebr& of the Seasonic S12II, which means that it's decent, but lacks some of the modern safety features that have been developed in the last decade. It's that old of a kiến thiết.

It's in the category where I would consider it OK to run for now if you don't have sầu the money for $100 for the PSU on top of your GPU nâng cấp, but I would suggest planning khổng lồ nâng cấp your power supply within the next 3-6 months lớn something like the Corsair TX650M, Phanteks AMP 650, or something like that.

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The 520W is a Seasonic. Depending on which version, the 550W could be either an old CWT kiến thiết or a Delta Electronics OEM.

In my country, market is full of antec psu. Corsair cx is available, never heard of phanteks here.

và I never heard any complain about antec psu from users here.


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