In a country filled with gorgeous girls with rich, warm undertones, I am one of the few girls who has blue and cool-toned skin. More often than not, warmer undertones get the frosting on the cake whilst we are left with the tiny crumbs… I think I sound a little too gloomy. It’s not that bad, you guys. The world is getting smaller these days, thanks to the Internet và my makeup options are getting wider and wider. Now, I don’t have lớn wear an unflattering shade of lipstichồng. I can choose not to lớn. I can choose something that suits me. It’s as easy as ABC.quý khách hàng sẽ xem: Review: aritaum style pop pudding tint in "04 lollipop"

THE BACKSTORY: I think my skin undertone is more neutral-cool than being outright cool since I bởi vì suit several warm shades too. That makes my battles a little easier. Base products are a difficult object for me to lớn shop for – most have orange/yellow undertones that don’t suit me at all. Not that I mind. I’m not too fond of base products anyway. So, when it comes to lớn lip products – I always go for the cooler & bluer colours. This lovely here is one of my current favourites.

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*As much as I feel bad for talking about a product that has been discontinued, I think I’ll publish this post anyway. You can still easily find it on Ecất cánh and other online stores (mentioned below). I got this lip tint in December, during a huge Christmas sale. If you have sầu your sights mix on it, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t try searching for it. ^^


THE PRODUCT: This tint isn’t like your average watery tints. Have sầu you heard of milky tints? Yep, this tint mixes the consistency of jelly along with milk. While it may sound weird lớn you, it is quite the experience. The texture is jelly-lượt thích and it glides easily onkhổng lồ the lips. It takes a while for it lớn dry fully but once it dries, lượt thích most other tints, it stains the lips & remains budge-proof.

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The bottle packaging is adorable & the doe-foot applicator is quite nice. It smells a lot like candy too. Don’t be wary, sensitive noses, the smell fades away rather quickly.


This was with 2 layers on. Do you see how the purple is a lot more visible?


PRICE: $6 – $10 for 8 ml of hàng hóa.

AVAILABILITY: ibuybeauti (the repackaged version; this shade is no longer in the line-up), Amazon, kpoptown etc

** Have you guys listened to/watched Taemin’s title traông chồng from his solo comebachồng yet? It’s called ‘Press Your Number’. I vị like it but I’m not going lớn lie – I love ‘Drip Drop’. Can’t wait lớn listen to the rest of his album!