You cannot know HOW STOKED I am when I saw these at the Aritaum store!! I"ve visited most brand"s site just lớn plan what stuff I want lớn buy and stuff like that, but I didn"t see this palette and I shrieked when I did.

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Design-wise, it"s so efficient. The eyeshadows were big enough, no spaces are useless. The mirror is big và the applicator is not as shabby. The case is plastic, but it"s not a cheapo. I love how it goes with 5 shades, it"s more than enough to lớn play with the palette for day or a glam look!

All the product have 5 shades, ranging from highlight, mid/lid shades, and point shades. The shades given is perfect for beginner as the selection is not as broad, plus, the actually sạc pin out which shade is which, and as long as you know where lớn apply the highlighter & where is your lid area, I guess it"s a child play!
Most of the shades have light to medium pigmentation, like every Koreans liking, they don"t prefer their shadows to be too pigmented. The shimmers have smoother texture than the mattes :( and I always found that about Aritaum"s eyeshadows, the shimmers/glitters are so much better than the mattes.
The shimmers glide so easily & buttery, the pigmentation is easier lớn build up - but on the other hand, the mattes appear to be blotchy và kinda hard khổng lồ build up or blend.
#2 Fatal Burgundy is filled with burgundy-ish, khaki, fall appropriate shades. All shades in the Fatal Burgundy palette is shimmers & glitters.
#4 Gray Brown is as the name suggest, filled with 4 matte eyeshadows and 1 glitter shadow ("Rainy"), & all neutral shades and cool tones. Really remind me of those small Naked palette from UD, and only a faction of the price really. The first 2 shades isn"t really coming out in the picture lol but you"ll see that it"s still there.

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These eyeshadows are great for those who just starting out, they have 4 shades you can choose & most of the shades are neutral. They"re super great for travelling since it"s small, light and the mirror is more than enough! If you vị prefer your eyeshadow khổng lồ be light in pigmentation, just-buy-this.
Do I love it? vì I LOVE IT? I guess you know the answer already, I"m crazy about the palette, và one regrets is WHY DID I NOT BUY EVERY SHADES FROM THESE LINE.
Above all of the goodness, the price is just so great. KRW 10.000 or around USD 10 per palette? That"s crazy. Aritaum is famous for their mono eyes eyeshadow, so I trust their chất lượng and definitely they did not disappoint me.
If you do purchase these eyeshadow palettes (or Aritaum"s eyeshadow in general), let me recommend you their glitters or shimmers because they perform so much better than the mattes.
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