Review On The Jumiso All Day Vitamin Brightening & Balancing Facial Serum


I love serums. I really do, & I love testing out new ones. In July I received the Balance Me vi-ta-min C Repair Serum in my Look Fantastic Box. This serum is a trial sized version và had just enough product to get through two week’s worth of use. Actually it ran out a day early but I decided it counted as enough product to let me get a feel for the serum.

According to the Balance Me website…

Our award winning brightening serum reduces pigmentation and uneven skin tone while boosting elasticity, refining lines & texture. With stabilised bio actives và skin lightening boerhavia diffusa for maximum efficacy with zero irritation.

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It brightens, bringing radiance back into skin, addresses uneven skin tone và pigmentation, intensely hydrates. It is suitable for dehydrated skin, skin lacking in radiance and tone & reducing pigmentation và signs of sun damage.

Full Ingredients List

Aqua (Water), Glycerin, Coco-Caprylate, Dicaprylyl Carbonate, Propanediol, Ascorbyl Glucoside, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Candelilla/Jojoba/Rice Bran Polyglyceryl-3 Esters, Glyceryl Stearate, Borage Officinalis (Borage) Seed Oil, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Cetyl Alcohol, Crambe Abyssinica Seed Oil, Smithsonite Extract, Hydrolyzed Hyaluronic Acid, Sodium Hydroxide, Boerhavia Diffusa Root Extract,Squalane (Olive), Rubus Fruticosus (Blackberry) Leaf Extract, Rosa Canina (Rosehip) Fruit Oil, Vaccinium Macrocarpon (Cranberry) Seed Oil, Citrus Nobilis (Mandarin Red) Peel Oil, Cananga Odorata (Ylang Ylang) Flower Oil, Citrus Aurantium Dulcis (Orange Sweet) Peel Oil, Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Flower Oil, Litsea Cubeba (May Chang) Fruit Oil, Xanthan Gum, Cellulose Gum, Cetearyl Alcohol, Maltodextrin, Sodium Stearoyl Lactylate, Benzyl Alcohol, Dehydroacetic Acid, Benzyl Benzoate, Benzyl Salicylate, Citral, Citronellol, Farnesol, Geraniol, Limonene, Linalool.

Balance Me Website

In addition lớn the vi-ta-min C that my skin loves, this serum has olive based squalene which my skin really reacts well, so I had high hopes. I also lượt thích the fact that the t tube has been made with a phối of new and over 1/2 post-consumer recycled plastic & a widely recyclable PP cap.

It has a creamy texture and not much product is needed khổng lồ cover the entire face.

The serum is a creamy formula which I wasn’t really expecting. I tend to think of serums as being looser và more liquid in consistency. However, I didn’t have a problem with it, I was just surprised.

The serum absorbed well into my skin and I have khổng lồ say, I really liked the way it helped lock in moisture. I put the serum under my moisturizer và I could really feel a difference on they days I spent a lot of time outside. I tended to be less dehydrated.

Generally on the days I spend a lot of time outside I replace my regular moisturizer with a night cream as I need the extra moisture it provides. With this I didn’t have to showroom the night cream when using a regular moisturizer. As I switched from a night & day moisturizer khổng lồ a day cream after a few days, I just used a moisturizer I know works well for me in the evenings instead of the night cream just to demo it out.

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While I liked the way this serum felt on my skin và I liked the fact that it didn’t clog my pores and break me out, I did have one issue. 


This serum smells exactly like Lemon Scented Pledge Furniture Polish. Growing up, Saturday one of my assigned chores was to lớn polish the furniture and I was given a t-shirt that had become too holey khổng lồ be worn as a rag & the spray can of Lemon Scented Pledge và sent khổng lồ work. It is a scent I remember well. And this serum smells exactly like Lemon Scented Pledge. I don’t mind the scent, but it ties khổng lồ a very strong scent memory. One sniff và my brain thought furniture polish.

Every time I applied it.

It felt somehow wrong.

The serum worked well, but for me that scent might be a giảm giá breaker. I don’t know if I can think skin care & furniture polish in the same sentence every day. I’m sure over time the association would dim, but it might take a while. It might be worth it lớn try as this is a fairly inexpensive serum ($30.90 for a full sized – 30 ml bottle – the trial size of 7 ml lasted two weeks if you want a comparison.) & it did work really well for me. If it weren’t for the scent, I think I would put it on the repurchase list. Because of the scent, I am going lớn have khổng lồ put it in the maybe pile. 

I feel a little bit bad about it actually as it is a really nice serum on the skin và the scent does fade almost immediately. It is just the initial scent that has me lowering it from a yes to lớn a maybe. I think what I might vị is pick up a travel sized version (around 10 ml of product và try it again at a later date khổng lồ see if I can fully get past the scent. If the scent doesn’t affect you, this might be a good hàng hóa to try. If you are somewhat scent oriented, you might want khổng lồ look into the travel kích thước first just to make certain. Perhaps you won’t think Lemon Scented Pledge Furniture Polish in quite the same way I do.

Regardless I am glad that this was included in my July Look Fantastic box as I was eyeing the serum well beforehand. I’ve tried a couple of items from them in the past và was interested. I am just going to lớn have to think about that scent.

And yes I occasionally go on skincare sites and lurk. Thus far no serums or moisturizers have filed restraining orders. I am a respectful skincare lurker. Admittedly there are a few products I tend khổng lồ stalk, but that is another thing completely. Although one of the items I tend khổng lồ stalk is the Elemis Pro-collagen Marine Cream. It is constantly on my wait for a sale and then pounce danh sách (hence the stalking) According lớn the August Look Fantastic Pamphlet though, I may be able khổng lồ hold off on the poincing for a little while as this Elemis hàng hóa was the sneak peak for the September box. Seriously, when a beauty box sends you Elemis, how can you not love them?