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7 Days of Sheet Masks (DAY 5 & 6) : BIO ESSENCE Bird"s Nest Sheet Mask và No:Hj Aqua Soothing Face Mask4:49:00 PM
Okay, if you"ve been reading my 7 Days of Sheet Masks routineseries here on this blog, today I"m gonna vì two masks in one post, but that is because one of the mask that I want khổng lồ talk about was already covered in a detailed post here on this blog a little while ago.

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So the sheet masks options for Day 5 & 6 are the Bio Essence Bird"s Nest Sheet Mask & the No:Hj Aqua Soothing Face Mask. First pic below is for the No:Hj Aqua Soothing Face Mask :

Well actually I already did a full detailed review of the No:Hj Aqua Soothing Face Mask a while ago và you can read the đánh giá here :
You can go ahead and read the đánh giá on the link above, and now I"m gonna write about the other sheet mask which is the Bio Essence Bird"s Nest Sheet Mask :

According lớn the packaging, this sheet mask contains birds nest essence, collagen proteins, mineral, & trace minerals which nourish the skin for a softer, smoother, và more radiant complexion. It also contain hyaluronic acid khổng lồ provide intensive hydration for the skin, relieve skin dryness, and help to reduce appearance of fine lines.
Bio Essence is another Asian brand and I got this particular sheet mask in Singapore. I"ve heard good things about Bio Essence before, so when I saw it I thought I"d give it ago by trying out the sheet masks first. I bought three kinds of sheet masks and this is one of them.

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The sheet mask itself has a thicker sheet texture layered with creamy essence. The shape and kích thước fits very comfortably on my face (I have small Asian face features). It also has medium amount of essence with some essences left inside the packaging (which I like). We can use the essence left on the packaging to moisturize our neck and arms instead of throwing it away.
It felt comfortable và soothing on my skin due khổng lồ the creamy essence, & the end result is it instantly plumped and smooths my skin. My skin also felt softer and noticeably brighter too after application. I like this one & would recommend this sheet mask for you who are looking for extra hydration, softening properties, & brighter skin tone.
I have one more sheet mask nhận xét to go for the 7 Days of Sheet Masks routine, so please wait for it :)
Meanwhile,Happy Sheet-Masking Girls!