Botani Rescue Acne Cream

Acne Treatment to Dry và Heal Pimples 99.9% Kill Factor on the Bacteria that Causes Acne TGA Listed Earn 27 Points

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Botani Rescue Acne Cream, a Topical Treatment to lớn help in thehealing of Acne

This acne cream gently driesand heals pimples in acne và blemish prone skin. Clinical tests have shown Botani"s Rescue Acne Cream is effective againstPropionibacterium acnes bacteriaunder laboratory kiểm tra conditions, with a 99.99% kill factor of in just 30 minutes*

This cream isformulated with the natural plant active ingredient Golden seal (Hydrastis Canadensis). Gentle on your skin, the Rescue Acne Cream offers soothing relief of red irritated lesions without aggravating the surrounding healthy tissue. Approved by the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration).(AUST L 125769).


Gentle absorption of excess oil và impuritiesNon-abrasive and non-drying on skinReduces inflammation and rednessCan be used after shaving to relieve minor skin irritations, inflammation & dryness associated with shaving.

Clinical demo Results:

99.9% kill factor on the bacteria that causes acne in just 30 minutes ***87% said it cleared pimples**75% noticed it clears blackheads**91% found it soothes pimples**83% found it soothes & calms skin**83% said it improved the appearance of their skin**Reduced acne lesions in 80% of testers*Improved overall skin appearance in 90% of testers*

* instrumental clinical tests were conducted by a highly regarded third tiệc ngọt European laboratory (J.S. Hamilton International Sp. Z o.o., 2016)

** in vivo clinical tests were conducted by a highly regarded third các buổi party European laboratory (J.S. Hamilton International Sp. Z o.o., 2016)

*** scientific antimicrobial efficacy invitro suspension tests (Microtech Laboratories, 1999)

Botani is a beautiful Melbourne based brand that has been around for over trăng tròn years. Botani"s skin care is versatile andsourced from natural & certified organic ingredients. Therange is 100% vegan with no harsh ingredients, in fact less is more. Olive squalene is used frequently in their products as it mimics the oil in our skin và we need to replenish our own squalene daily so the perfect moisturiser and protector.