This primer has been raved by the Malaysian beauty community so much that I felt guilty for not owning this product. So, obviously I had khổng lồ bodek (sweet talk) my dad into buying it for me, & tadaa, I now have a thorough (sort of) review on this primer.

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This primer retails for RM24.90 at Guardian. I purchased mine from Guardian Suria KLCC because lượt thích literally that place has everything.
The Catrice website claims that this primer is the ideal preparation for shine-free looks. The Pore Refining và Anti-Shine Base minimizes unwanted shine & visibly refines your pores. The ultra-light formula also improves the durability of foundation.
The sản phẩm itself is very liquid-y sort of lượt thích Nivea Men"s Post Shave Balm but slightly thicker. It"s white, & turns clear after buffing it into the skin. Doesn"t feel tacky on the skin, but I can tell that it"s mattifying because it feels like my mattifying moisturiser from Simple, slightly drying.

What surprised me is that it absorbs into the skin really quick, even with mouisturiser on. I don"t feel like it sits on the face weird, but it does smooth out the skin"s texture without feeling heavy on the skin.
It stays true to lớn what it claims, except for the pore minimising factor. I vị realise that when I use this primer, my T-Zone doesn"t get oily as early as usual, and even when I do start getting oily, with this product it kept the shine at bay và really just like jaga pintu tak bagi minyak keluar langsung (guard the door, not allowing any oil to lớn seep through).

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The best part is that it helps keep my makeup attached to lớn my face (well duh that"s what you expect primer to lớn do), just lượt thích shellac or something. Of course, the powder contour và bronzer will fade throughout the day, but this primer really does have a lasting power to it that helps keep the makeup look put together past 8 hours.
So, do you need this product? If you"re an oily chicka, yes! It"s a great drugstore sản phẩm that I honestly think works better than my high kết thúc primers when it comes khổng lồ oil control, but if you have larger pores, I don"t think you"ll be as satisfied with the product. For dry girls, stay away from this product. When applying it, it feels very drying, something I"m sure you wouldn"t want.
Taty*UPDATE : The primer broke me out. I don"t have incredibly sensitive skin, so if you"re prone to acne, stay away.

My name"s Tatyenna, the girl behind Not a beauty guru, just another girl who loves và enjoys makeup and the art of it. Results may vary.
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