I am experimenting a lot with make-up bases recently because none of them give the kind of coverage I need. And a foundation or base can totally change the entire look of the skin, that’s why it is pretty necessary lớn get the perfect finish & shade. The hunt goes on & I got this one khổng lồ try out since essence is one đáng yêu brand that I really like! Read to lớn know how this worked for my combination skin.

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Price: Rs 499/-


Product Description by Essence:The make-up range with a super delicate mousse texture gives your face a smooth and natural-looking matt complexion while allowing your skin to lớn breathe freely.

My Experience with Essence Soft cảm ứng Mousse Make-Up-02 Matte Beige:

I haven’t really tried a lot of mousse before and the only one I have sầu tried till date is Maybelline dream matte mouse. I love sầu that velvety feeling hence gave this a shot! The mousse comes in a beige coloured tub which is made up of glass but it is pretty sturdy. The packaging is xinh đẹp và small which makes it easy khổng lồ carry. This range has 3 shades I guess & ivory which means the first shade was too light for me. The 2nd shade matched my skin tone brilliantly. I wish there were more shades, but I will not complain since it is a drugstore brvà. The flaw with the packaging is that I have sầu long nails & the only option khổng lồ take it is with my fingers, hence this sticks all over my nails.


The mousse is very soft & velvety smooth in consistency. It does not have sầu any gritty texture which is why the coverage is flawless. The thing what I loved is that it matched my skin-tone perfectly which made it look even more natural. Only some little dips are needed to cover the entire face and the neck. It covers the uneven skin-tone very well and also the redness around my nose & below the chin. It also hides all the imperfections very well.


It will not totally hide the under eyes darkness but is capable enough to hide 80% of it. It will not hide major imperfections but I don’t have really big ones. It will not be really suitable for dry patches because it will cling khổng lồ parched areas. It gives medium coverage but I have sầu a trick to get heavy coverage. First I dab it on my blemishes và pimples like a concealer which totally covers it and then apply a layer all over my face. This give me a flawless coverage and it looks lượt thích my face has no imperfections.

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The finish is totally matte which hides all the excess shine và does not let oil come up on the face. It keeps my face matte for 5 hours và then I can notice a bit of oil on my cheeks and nose area. The mousse in all stays for 7-8 hours depending upon the skin type during the current season and I think during summer, it might be reduced by an hour or two. But be cautious with it because excess application might make it cakey. I really loved how affordable this mousse is và it perfectly suits my skin but those who vì not like heavy mousses will not like this.


Pros of Essence Soft cảm biến Mousse Make-Up-02 Matte Beige:

• Available all around at a very affordable cost.• The packaging is small and sturdy hence it can be kept anywhere & will be travel-friendly too.• The texture of the mousse is very velvety soft and glides very smoothly on my face without a lot of effort.• It brightens my complexion very well & gives a very natural looking flawless finish.• It covers my imperfections very well và hides my dark circles too up-to a good extent.• It gives medium coverage but I know how khổng lồ make it a heavy coverage one; I dab it first on my pimples lượt thích a concealer and then layer it up on my face và neck; that is how it gives a heavy coverage.• It covers the uneven skin-tone & redness around my nose và below the chin area.• It gives a matte coverage which is a boon for oily skin.• It stays on my face for 7-8 hours và then starts fading after 7 hours or so; it stays matte for 5 hours and then oil starts appearing on my cheeks.


Cons of Essence Soft cảm biến Mousse Make-Up-02 Matte Beige:

• Only 3 shades available.• It will not suit dry skin as it clings to lớn dry patches.• Might look cakey if applied excessively.• Tub packaging is a bit inconvenient khổng lồ use.

Will I Repurchase/Recommend Essence Soft Touch Mousse Make-Up-02 Matte Beige?

Yes definitely! I loved how it worked for my skin. I would suggest lớn all of you because this is a very good drugstore sản phẩm that gives flawless coverage and is great for daily & occasional use as well.

IMBB Rating: 4.7/5

Conclusion: I will totally try some more mousses because I loved the consistency and finish!

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