Etude house play color eyes wine party review & swatches

đánh giá of Etude House Play Color Eyes Eyeshadow Palettes - #Cherry Blossom #Wine Party #Chilly Moon #Tulip Day

Since I own a few Etude House eyeshadow palettes now, I wanted to lớn bởi a short nhận xét for anyone thinking of getting them. You can see the swatches here of #Wine Party, #Tulip Day và #Chilly Moon, & #Cherry Blossom (top to lớn bottom). I have sầu fair/light, cool/neutral asian skin (Edit: I am a Mac NW15)

Korean palettes are generally a lot less pigmented than Western palettes, which I think works well for natural looks anyway. But Etude House formulas were kind of inconsistent. Some of the glitters literally did not show up at all (I'm looking at you #Wine Party) while some were beautiful. Some of the mattes were chalfy AF but others were smooth. It was super hit or miss.

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#Wine Party: This impressed me the least. 4-5 of the colours did not show up on my pale skin basically at all. I thought it might have sầu been because of my particular skintone so I tried swatching it on my mom, who has tan/warm skin. It didn't show up on her either.

#Tulip Day: This is a good pink/coral palette for warmer skin but I'd choose #Cherry Blossom over this palette, especially if you have sầu cooler skin like me.

#Chilly Moon: Between the two 9-pan palettes, I preferred #Tulip Day, because 4 of the #Chilly Moon shadows looked exactly the same on my eyes. But bear in mind that all eyeshadows lean warm on me so that might have sầu been why.

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#Cherry Blossom: This was my favourite palette overall. The colours were so soft & pretty. The shadows were smooth, blendable và had zero fallout. I brought this palette with me to lớn nhật bản và used it exclusively (this was pre-COVID-19). It's also one of the only pink palettes that actually look pink instead of orange or red on me, which is rare since most pinks lean orange/red with my cool undertones.

Would I recommkết thúc Etude House palettes? Maaayybbeee. I think #Cherry Blossom is a good one for anyone who wants a good everyday pink palette. #Wine Party was absolutely horrible. #Tulip Day is nice if you like peaches và corals. #Chilly Moon was meh. Overall, I think Etude House makes affordable palettes, but don't expect anything WAM BAM. If you just want a light wash of colour, go for it.

cảnh báo about other skin tones: If you have skin that is darker than mine, I'm not sure whether these colours would show up on you. If anyone out there has tried out Etude House palettes, please bình luận below. If the lockdown lifts, I will swatch these palettes on my Sinhalese best friover to lớn see if they look good on her!