Armani beauty lip maestro liquid matte lipstick


Along came Lip Maestro! As you all know, I already LOVE the foundation that took eight years in the making, so anything with the word MAESTRO in it now catches my attention. A truly luminous matte lip color, the hues appear to be more radiant và have more depth than what some of us associate with a “matte” lipstick.

Giorgio Armani‘s Lip Maestro ($32.00) is considered an intense, velvet màu sắc powered by light & a matte lacquer. It’s combining color via a formula that was exclusively created by Giorgio Armani Beauty; made possible by a transparent “velvet” gel which diffuses light while still providing a matte finish for both depth & volume.

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Tibetan Orange 401


Red Fushia 503




It’s very lightweight, lượt thích the other products I have reviewed in the Maestro collection, & it’s not sticky nor tacky when applied (and check out our photos of the best red lipsticks).

Linda Cantello, International Makeup Artist for Giorgio Armani Beauty says:

“With Lip Maestro, we wanted khổng lồ create pure, vibrant colors that fit with every complexion. Outstanding, luxurious colors enhanced in a luminous matte formula.”

Lip Maestro comes in 12 shades (Blush 500, Casual Pink 501, Artdeco 502, Red Fushia 503, Ecstasy 504, Flesh 300, Tibetan Orange 401, Chinese Lacquer 402, The Red 400, Terra 200, Dark Velvet 201 và Dolci 202). They are available at fine department stores và

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 Application Tip: Start with the bottom lip, then press your lips together for an even application! Is there a rule khổng lồ matching lip màu sắc with skin tone? Can everyone wear red lipstick?

Answered by Linda Cantello:

“There’s only one rule in makeup: be bold. Real beauty often comes unexpected. When we created Rouge d’Armani 400, we created the perfect red because it’s a true red: not too orange, not too blue, so it suits everybody. It’s a huge success, so we did the exact same shade for Lip Maestro.”

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– Nicole Gordon Levine

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