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Hi ladies, khổng lồ protect my skin from drying out và avoid harmful UV rays. In addition khổng lồ using a mask, women need a sunscreen that can moisturize và freshen the skin. If you are wondering what kind of moisturizing sunscreen khổng lồ choose for your skin. Or are you looking for a new, better sunscreen? Take a look at Hada Labo UV white gel sunscreen right below with japan with love khổng lồ see if it"s right for you.

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About Hada Labo Uv trắng Gel


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What"s more perfect than a cream that is both good moisturizer, has sun protection lượt thích sunscreen, & has whitening effects? When you wake up in the morning, after cleansing your face, with only 1 cream, you have completed the steps of care and sun protection. What could be simpler và more convenient than that?

Hada Labo is a famous Japanese skincare brand. This is a cosmetic company that has been rated at the vị trí cao nhất of the chất lượng of skincare products for the past 12 years.

The reason for this is because Hada Labo’s products always use benign skincare ingredients. Vày not use preservatives that are harmful lớn the skin. In addition, the company"s products are also very affordable for my sisters.

Hada Labo has many good sunscreen lines that are well received by many women. But Hada Labo Koi-Gokujyun UV trắng Gel Sunscreen Lotion SPF50+ is better for both dry & sensitive skin.

As a cream that has been used và improved for the past 9 years, it has become so famous and familiar lớn Japanese women.

Below I will give you a detailed nhận xét of each point of this extremely good sunscreen moisturizer. Its advantages and disadvantages that you need to lớn pay attention khổng lồ before buying.

Ingredients và Uses Of Hada Labo Uv trắng Gel

According lớn the manufacturer that provides sunscreen moisturizer Hada Labo, there are the following ingredients that women need khổng lồ pay attention khổng lồ when choosing lớn buy:

Hyaluronic Acid” (HA)Vitamin C derivativesSPF50+ PA++++

The ingredients of the hàng hóa contain a lot, but you should only pay attention to 3 main ingredients that directly affect the skin.

Hyaluronic Acid (HA)

As an ingredient that can hold water very well for the skin, it is combined with many other moisturizing ingredients to help the skin become softer. This is a very good ingredient lớn replenish water for dry and ageing skin. It not only works on the surface but also deeply moisturizes the dermis. This ingredient is usually only found in high-end moisturizers for dry skin.

Vitamin C derivatives

Composed of ascorbyl palmitate & magnesium ascorbyl phosphate, ascorbic acid (ascorbyl) & a base of another acid. Vi-ta-min C derivatives are found in sunscreens khổng lồ replenish và stimulate the skin khổng lồ produce collagen lost in the sun & the ageing process of the skin. It also helps your skin become brighter after each use.

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SPF50+ PA++++ index

This index in Hada Labo Koi-Gokujyun sunscreen will give about 98% UV protection, within 500 minutes of use.

Actual review When Using Hada Labo Uv white Gel

Here, I would lượt thích to send you my actual feelings after using Hada Labo sunscreen moisturizer after 3 months of use:

The first impression when applying Hada Labo sunscreen moisturizer is that it is a thin và light trắng cream. When applied lớn the skin, it has a very pleasant cooling sensation. The skin has a slight shine after application but quickly disappears after a few minutes, without leaving trắng streaks on the skin lượt thích other creams.

The cream moisturizes the skin very well, due lớn the environment I work in at home, I feel that the cream is quite durable. All-day, just apply a thin layer in the morning before going khổng lồ work. At night, my skin still feels soft and moist, I haven"t tested it in a sunny environment so I don"t know how.

The scent is very light, when applied to the skin, it does not feel anything anymore. This is my favourite point of Hada Labo products because I am allergic to lớn smells. My skin is dry or flaky but since using it, it feels very stable. The cream is not greasy, absorbs quickly, and I lượt thích it very much.


This product has an ideal sun protection index lớn help protect the skin perfectly.Convenient tube design, easy to carryThe finish layer does not make the skin tone.Has good moisturizing ingredients.Suitable for many skin types, especially dry skin.Can be used as a primer.Does not cause acne.Easy lớn remove makeupReasonable price


The information is entirely in Japanese, difficult to lớn learnPoor water resistanceThe xanh line contains alcohol

User Manual For Hada Labo Uv trắng Gel

As a moisturizer và sunscreen, Hada Labo UV trắng gel should be used in the morning before going to work. For the best results, follow the 3 steps below!

Step 1: Use a facial cleanser lớn clean the skin. Then you should take a towel khổng lồ dry the skin a little lớn avoid leaving the skin with water. Since this cream is quite thin, the skin does not need to be too wet.Step 2: Take your index finger & rub a sufficient amount of cream on your finger. Apply evenly on 5 points on the face: Forehead, nose, cheeks & chin. Then rub it evenly from the bottom up.Step 3: Use another thin layer of concealer và you"re good khổng lồ go. After a working day, remember khổng lồ remove makeup.

Let’s Consider Some Other Sunscreens

If you are looking for an alcohol-free & water-resistant sunscreen, kiểm tra out these 2 alternatives:

Kose Suncut Protect Gel SPF 50+ PA++++ 100g


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Sunscreen gel creates the maximum UV barrier to lớn help prevent darkening, pigmentation, premature skin ageing, avoid the risk of skin cancer while helping to lớn moisturize và nourish your skin.

With a waterproof formula suitable for swimming và outdoor activities.Ideal for use as a primer under makeup.Suitable for oily & combination skin as well as sensitive skin.

Anessa Perfect UV Mini Gel Sunscreen SPF50+ PA++++ 32g


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Anessa sunscreen can be used for all subjects lớn help protect skin against harmful factors from the sun, bringing smooth, tight, shiny skin. However, lớn ensure safety, the use of sunscreen also needs khổng lồ understand the skin condition, the purpose of use from which to choose the appropriate sunscreen. 

In particular, for children under 6 months, pregnant women, if using sunscreen, need to lớn consult a specialist khổng lồ ensure the safest.

Anessa sunscreen can protect the skin against the sun, the impact from the outside by the high SPF 50+++++ sun protection factor with UV protection. Anessa sunscreen can also help reduce skin pigmentation, freckles, tanning when going out or doing outdoor activities.


Replace 7 steps of perfect skincare for the morning, helping khổng lồ nourish the skin rosy and full of vitality. Helps lớn overcome 9 signs of less than perfect skin: wrinkles, dark spots, uneven skin tone, dry skin, roughness, poor firmness, large pores, freckles, dullness, irritation, Hada Labo UV trắng gel deserves your consideration và choice. Come to japan with love to lớn get the best advice for Hada Labo UV trắng gel & many other kinds of sunscreen!