Name: Hada Labo Perfect Gel (Koi-gokujyun)Bought from: Watsons Price: $38.90Rating: 3.5/5
IntroductionIf you only based your impression on my hada labo retinol firming & lifting cream nhận xét , you might think I hate Hada Labo products xD but no, I"m actually a pretty big tín đồ of Hada Labo & was one of the first few (ok I exaggerate but you get my point xp) khổng lồ jump onto the wagon when they first launched in Singapore a couple years ago.

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Due to lớn my poor skin condition then, I was constantly on a quest for the next best skincare sản phẩm to save my skin. I am too poor for the expensive brands so I could only turn lớn the pharmacies. Và I dare say I"ve tried almost all of Hada Labo"s products that are available in Singapore. Speaking of which, nhật bản has a whole range of stuffs we don"t see here in Singapore... Ok sorry I digressed.
So the Hada Labo Koi- Gokujyun Perfect Gel is marketed as a moisturiser with multiple function and a higher price tag. It is intended to be an intense moisturiser that can last 24 hours và repair your skin while you sleep.
Packaging: Much lượt thích the rest of Hada Labo"s moisturisers, this product comes in a golden yellow coloured plastic jar. Unlike the other HL moisturisers I"ve used, this had a bit of extra bulk at the bottom circumference thus making the product and its content look bigger than 50ml (edit: Sorry for the mistaken, it"s actually 100ml ). I guess this packaging design was khổng lồ compliment the image of a premium product. Texture và Colour:The gel looks almost opaque white inside the jar but is translucent white on the fingers. It has no fragrance & that is one of my favourite aspect about Hada Labo’s products. Much lượt thích the other HL moisturisers I’ve used, it has a very gel lượt thích texture and goes on clear on the skin. Absorption rate: This sản phẩm has 3 different types of Hyaluronic acid lớn pump moisture into the skin. It also has Collagen & Ceramine to boost the skin"s hydration retention ability. However when compared to the HL Retinol firming và lifting cream and the HA moisturiser, this hàng hóa is a lot less sticky! But I would be lying if I say it wasn"t sticky at all. Perhaps it"s due lớn my habit of piling products onto my face but even after a few minutes of tapping/patting the product into my face, I still feel some stickiness. Và the stickiness remains for a long time. However as I mentioned above, it is a lot more acceptable than it"s sister products và … I guess after going through all the other Hada Labo products (I tried all the 3 toners, HA moisturiser, Retinol firming & lifting cream and one of it’s serum) I am already used khổng lồ their stickiness and look upon it as a norm. Effects on the skin: It hydrates pretty well for relatively dehydrated skin like mine. However when I was used it alone without any serums, I would notice my face drying out halfway through the day in an air conditioned room. to lớn put this product to the test, I also did another experiment.

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For a few continuous days, instead of using 2 moisturisers lượt thích I usually do, (I use a hydration one và top it off with a slightly more cream/grease based one), I stuck with just serum and the Gokujyun Gel. I have relatively dehydrated + combination skin và I’m in an air conditioned environment during the day. I used the Gokujyun Gel as both my Day & Night moisturiser and I’m a little disappointed khổng lồ say that at the over of those few days, my skin actually felt drier. When used with my regular Arsainte ECO-THERAPY ideal essence and another cream based moisturiser on top, the Goku-Jyun Gel performed very well. My skin felt hydrated và supple. It did not react to my sensitive skin at all.
Overall: Well I actually really liked it. I remembered 2 weeks into using this product and I was all like "yeah, I"m totally ditching the other HL moisturisers and getting this next time!" và mind you, the Hada Labo Perfect Gel is a lot more expensive than their other moisturisers! But I really liked how it hydrates without that overly sticky feeling which some other Hada Labo moisturisers can give. For someone with normal or oily skin, you can probably get away with just this product và sunscreen. But for people with dry skin, I think some essence/serum and cream based moisturiser is still required lớn seal the moisture in. Don"t get me wrong, i don"t mean khổng lồ imply that people with dry skin should replace all your water/gel based moisturisers with cream based moisturiser. I think every product have their own purpose và they all work together to compliment each other. Cream based moisturisers lubricates, conditions and seal the moisture in the skin. But for people with dry skin, it usually means your skin is unable lớn properly hydrate itself & would require the use of another hydrating moisturiser to pump some hydration into the skin. It"s like you hydrate with water & then prevent the water from evaporating by sealing it with a layer of oil. Hope all these made sense! Overall I give this sản phẩm 3.5 /5. 0.5 point deducted because I don’t think it lived up to lớn the advertising claim of ‘deep moisturising’ for 24 hours. It hydrated very well but having my skin dry out by 3pm when this hàng hóa is used alone, is not ‘24 hours of deep moisturising’. The next 0.5 point is deducted because I cannot use it alone. Lượt thích I explained above, I must couple it with my usual serums & then top it off with another moisturiser lớn fully reap the product’s benefit. It didn’t become the holy grail one-product-does-all moisturiser I was hoping for. I don’t know, I just feel disappointed. The last 0.5 point is deducted due to lớn the price. $38.90 is quite a bit of money. I know there are many other moisturisers out there that cost twice as much but comparing this price tag to lớn other moisturisers under their label and it’s easy to feel the pinch even though there is twice as much product