Herb day 365 cleansing foam có tốt không


Today’s post is about the face cửa hàng herb day 365 cleansing foam review. I guess you would not need an introduction for this, you all would have known about this brand and If you are into Korean skin care. The herb day cleansing foam comes in lots of different variants và I just randomly bought this aloe one because I was pretty confused whom khổng lồ buy. I have been using the cleanser since a month now & absolutely liking it. Now let’s move ahead lớn the face cửa hàng herb day 365 cleansing foam review.

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Price : INR 300 for 170mlProduct Description

Formulated with aloe extract, this mild botanical foam cleanser leaves skin moisturized.


The cleanser comes in a big off trắng opaque tube with flip open cap. The cap isn’t too tight but to get the hàng hóa you have lớn press it a little hard so, even if cap accidentally gets mở cửa while traveling, it won’t leak and stain your stuffs. So I can say it is travel friendly if you ignore its size. You can find the details on back of the tube which is written in Korean & english.



It has very mild leafy smell that goes off after washing.

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My Experience With The Face siêu thị Herb Day 365 Cleansing Foam

The face cửa hàng herb day 365 cleansing foam is cream based and has thick consistency, it develops into a rich creamy foam so I just need a tiny amount to lớn cleanse my entire face. The cleanser comes out easily with few splashes of water without leaving any slippery residue. It cleanses skin deeply, washed off all the dirt, impurities, oil, makeup residue & also helps to get rid of dirt and oil build up from the skin, not only that with regular usage I noticed that my face looks clearer than before.

My skin felt squeaky clean, smooth và gives it a temporary even toned skin và brightening effect. Even though the cleanser has aloe extract it does not have any hydrating properties rather my skin feels slightly stretchy, so I apply serum and moisturizer immediately after washing. It would be a great pick for oily & combination skin especially for humid weather.


Moreover, I feel that it works really good as a night cleanser, cleanses skin deeply & leaves my skin super clean. But this does not work well with oil based cleanser or any kind of oil that you use to remove makeup as it feels lượt thích it get stick with the oil on my face without removing oil properly that will cause breakouts and acne so, better lớn use water based makeup remover before using this.

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Inexpensive Lathers rich Cleanse skin deeply No slippery residue Good for oily và combination skin type


Has no hydrating properties Makes skin a bit dry and stretched Does not work well with oil based cleansers

Overall Rating: 3.9 / 5

Overall the face cửa hàng herb day 365 cleansing foam is a really nice face wash that suits normal, combination & oily skin type. It cleanses skin deeply & removes every trace of oil which may not suit dry skin. Even though I have normal skin, it makes my skin a little dry post wash. Apart from that, I didn’t find any major cons in it but one thing I want suggest that it does not works well with oil based makeup remover or any natural oils lượt thích coconut, olive etc.