Holika holika face 2 change cc cream color control cream #01 review


After I ran out of my last CC Cream I started khổng lồ look for a new one khổng lồ replace it. In Korea any time I go out I see lots of women using these compacts. After doing a little research on which ones people thought were the best I decided to lớn try the one from Holika Holika. I usually use a sponge & a regular squeeze bottle type instead, so this was a change for me, but not necessarily a bad change.

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Brand: Holika Holika

Product: Face 2 Change trắng Cushion (BB Cream)

Coverage: Good

Color/Tone: Fair lớn Medium-fair

Finish: Glossy/Dewy

Expiration: 12 Months

Overall rating: 4.5 out of 5


The reason why people like compacts is right in the name, they"re compact. You can take them with you & use them any time. Everything you need to apply is inside including the product, a cushion/sponge, and a mirror. Over the last few months pretty much every cosmetic brand in Korea has come out with at least one version of the BB or CC cream cushion to hotline their own. I seriously cannot go anywhere without seeing an ad for one of these things. So after seeing the popularity everywhere I finally broke down and bought this one in a local store. The lady gave me the compact, along with an extra replacement cushion (which I have not needed yet).


This is one of many compacts that Holika Holika is selling, they also have Photo Ready, Water, Moist, & Glow versions. They also sell primers, CC creams, and other products in their Face 2 Change line.What makes the one I bought different from the other options is that it is made lớn help even out and brighten your complexion underneath as you wear it, and is for dry skin types.


The white Cushion that I bought comes in two shades,light beige and natural beige (of course "natural" for me is the lightest shade, so I have the light beige version). There are several different extracts & ingredients that were added lớn the BB cream including menthol, tea tree oil, peony và lily extracts, as well as sunblock and anti-wrinkle ingredients. First, the menthol/mint extract helps to lớn sooth skinand can even reduce pore size.Tea tree oil helps for people who have sensitive skin and can prevent breakouts. The flower extracts are khổng lồ gradually lighten & even out skin tone, which they claim will brighten your complexion. One of my favorite things about this BB cream is that it has SPF 50sunblock built into it, especially since it"s summer and I need that extra protection against the sun. Finally, this BB cream was formulated for dry skin, so there are a lot of moisturizers (as apparently "fresh cliff water") added to keep your skin healthy và prevent dry patches & wrinkles.

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When you first xuất hiện the compact you"ll need to pull a sticker off of the BB cream pod. It comes off cleanly và without any mess, và after that you can use the compact right away. The packaging is nice, & it"s easy to xuất hiện and close the lid and has a nice,tight seal. The cushion is separated from the BB cream part, which is great for keeping it mostly dry và clean when you aren"t using it. You can hold it upside down và nothing is going to lớn drip out, và all of the little pores in the sponge that keeps in the BB cream holds the hàng hóa well until you press down khổng lồ use it. I do lượt thích the clean and simple look of the packaging because it gives a really fresh feeling, which I can appreciate when using something on my skin.


The cushion has a really soft and smooth texture, and because it"s thin & flexible you can get into the difficult spaces (like around your nose), so it makes it very easy to apply the makeup. However I found that after using it for a few weeks most of the cream in the center had been used up so I had to lớn start getting it from the sides, which is a bit messier. The first time I used the cushion I applied way too much on my skin & it felt very heavy. This is mainly because at first it was difficult to lớn tell how much I was using (when you use a tube you know exactly how much when you squeeze it out). After a few tries however I got the hang of how hard to lớn dab it in & was able lớn spread it more evenly.

The màu sắc matched my skin fairly well & the coverage is good enough to help cover up red spots và even most of my dark circles, but dry patches still show up if they are more severe. Although it claims to have a matte finish it has a very glossylook to lớn me, so if you prefer a matte finish you will need lớn apply some powder afterwards. It feels very light on the skin, although before it sets in it"s a bit sticky to lớn the touch, especially if you are applying more than one layer of it.

Overall, I didn"t get any breakoutsfrom this product, even with my sensitive skin, & I"m happy with the amount of coverage as well as the convenience of keeping everything in one, cute package. If you have sensitive or dry skin (as well as combination) I would suggest trying this out! I have been using the same little pod of BB cream for a month now và still have not run out, and also have the replacement left, so I think you can get a lot out of the product. I bought this in a makeup store here in Korea, however you can also find it online in select places including Amazonor Ebay for around $20 (I believe I bought it for around 25,000 won, about $23, including the replacement). The amount that you get for the price, as well as the fact it"s a mirror too, makes it a great khuyến mãi I think.

If you have ever tried this out yourself or have similar recommendations let me know in the comments! It"s always great to lớn hear how products work on different people and skin types. Also, please let me know if there"s any sản phẩm you would like me to reviews in the future!

See you next time you jump down the rabbit hole,

- C.A.M.

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