Now it"s easy to see what other Steam users think about a hàng hóa before you buy. With Steam Reviews, you can browse for đánh giá that others have found helpful, or write your own review for titles you"ve played on Steam

Read helpful reviews

See the most helpful reviews written by users that have played the trò chơi or used the software you are considering purchasing.Just look for đánh giá on any page.

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Rate others" reviews

Let other users know which review you"ve found lớn be the most helpful by rating them up.You can also down-vote unhelpful đánh giá or report posts as spam.

Discover helpful authors

You may find a particular user that is great at writing review or shares your taste in gaming. Easily browse for all review by that user and see what other titles they enjoyed & recommend.

Write your own reviews

Let the community know how you feel about the games you play and the software you use.To get started, just visit the Steam page for any game you"ve played or software you"ve used on Steam.

Find and write nhận xét in your language of choice

When writing a review, users can indicate which language the reviews is being written in. Steam will then automatically prioritize the display of helpful đánh giá that are marked with the language of the user that is browsing.

Edit and share your Steam Reviews

Any Steam Recommendations that you have written in the past have been automatically converted khổng lồ Steam Reviews. You can now edit what you wrote or you can mark them as "Public" lớn allow them to lớn appear on the page.
For Steam usersQ. Bởi vì I need lớn have purchased a trò chơi in order lớn write a đánh giá of it?

A. Purchase is not required. You may write a đánh giá for any hàng hóa in your Steam account. Whether you registered a Steam key obtained elsewhere, or played a không tính tiền game, you will be able khổng lồ write a đánh giá for that product. Your playtime in that trò chơi or time in that software title will appear next lớn your review.

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Q. Can I write a negative review?

A. Yes. If you are unhappy with the product, or don"t believe that it is delivering on what it promises, you may write a review and tell other customers why you vị not recommend it.

Q. Can I report abusive reviews?

A. Yes, similar khổng lồ other nội dung shared on Steam, each reviews will have a "flag" button khổng lồ report offensive content or spam.

Q. What happened to lớn the recommendations I"ve written to my friends?

A. All the Recommendations you"ve previously written on Steam have automatically been upgraded to đánh giá for the product. They are all still marked as visible only khổng lồ your friends by default. You may edit them & make them visible to the general public, if you wish, by going lớn your đánh giá page.

Q. Does this replace Metacritic scores on games?

A. These đánh giá will be offered as additional data. Both Metacritic scores & Steam review will be visible on pages for both games & software.

For DevelopersQ. I"m a trò chơi developer. Can I respond to lớn reviews?

A. Yes, there is a special section for developer replies on each review. Plus, when you post in the comments of đánh giá on your product, your comment will appear as being from the developer.

Q. I"m a developer. Can I delete review of my product?

A. Not directly. If you find abusive or offensive đánh giá written about your product, you can flag it as spam/abuse or off-topic. The review will continue khổng lồ be listed on your page, but in a collapsed form và marked as spam until a moderator can either delete the reviews or remove the spam flag.

Q. My trò chơi or software has changed a lot since it launched. Will review reflect that?

A. The đánh giá that are shown most prominently on your page are selected from recently-written reviews, which should reflect the current state of your game or software. Additionally, if your game has released more than 45 days ago và has enough recent reviews, Steam will danh mục a recent nhận xét score khổng lồ let customers know what the game is like in its current state.

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