Hp elitebook folio 9470m ultrabook review: this business ultrabook is one of the best looking and most comfortable units on the market, also among the most expensive

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Ultrabooks, streamlined devices that typically weigh 3.5 pounds or less, are good for travelers because they slip into almost any carrying case or bag without adding much weight. But they come with limitations too, such as small screens, reduced performance và no expansion ports. The HPhường EliteBook Folio 9480m Ultrabook changes all that.

Sitting right at the 3.5-pound line for Ultrabooks, the Folio packs plenty of features into lớn its thin, light khung factor. Longtime Ultrabook users will be surprised khổng lồ find a full 14-inch LED screen protected by a glare-resistant coating for use in different lighting environments. With a native sầu resolution of 1366x768 pixels, the Folio can display Full HD graphics without error or delay, even when pushed through the punishing DisplayMate visual benchmark.

The Folio’s fully backlit keyboard makes it easy lớn work in dyên ổn light — even in total darkness if needed. Backlit keys are almost unheard of in Ultrabooks because of the battery drain they can cause, but the Folio does not seem to lớn suffer from this problem. With a movie on continuous play & the backlit keys illuminated, the Folio I reviewed was able to maintain power for 11 hours and three minutes before the warning alarm sounded. More reasonable use would extkết thúc that time even further.



Processor: 2GHz Hãng sản xuất Intel Vi xử lý Core i5 4310U Memory: 4GB DDR3 SDRAM Storage: 256GB SATADimensions: 9.1x13.3x0.7 inchesWeight: 3.56 pounds

Powerful Performance and Strong Security 

The Hãng sản xuất Intel Core chipphối has delivered powerful processing capabilities khổng lồ notebooks, & the Folio takes advantage of this with a robust Core i5 processor running at 2 gigahertz. Helped by 4 gigabytes of DDR3 memory, the Folio performs like a desktop, opening large Excel files & even Photoshop documents typically in less than a second.

HP has included a suite of security programs in addition to the standard security tools that come with Microsoft Windows. This includes HP. Drive sầu Encryption, SureStart and File Sanitizer. Federal users who need two-factor authentication should consider the optional fingerprint reader.

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The HPhường EliteBook Folio 9480m Ultrabook provides all of the advantages of a highly portable computer while mitigating the usual disadvantages.

Cutting the Cord with a Cellular Modem

Our demo unit came with the modem installed, so we compared the notebook’s performance on a cellular network with an 802.11ac Wi-Fi connection. Before we conducted the chạy thử, we had to lớn connect the modem to a cellular carrier. The notebook’s performance on a cellular connection may differ depending on which carrier an agency uses. Further, most of our testing took place while roaming around Montgomery County, Md., just north of Washington, D.C. Cellular signals may fluctuate, but we had mostly full-strength connections during our testing.

In head-to-head tests under optimal conditions, wireless 802.11ac connections deliver superior performance. It took up to 25 seconds longer khổng lồ tải về a large file using the cellular network compared with an 802.11ac signal. But normal tasks such as browsing web pages didn’t show much difference — perhaps a second or two longer for the cellular network khổng lồ load a page.

The Wi-Fi advantage diminished when the demo involved a shared wireless network. At a crowded coffee shop in the middle of the day, loading a tệp tin using Wi-Fi was sometimes a bit slower than when using the dedicated cellular connection. And when we moved out khổng lồ the parking lot, the cellular connection continued to work while the wireless connection dropped off.

The bottom line: We were never without a signal while using the cellular modem. Wi-Fi was generally faster, but only when it was available. For less than $250, federal users can greatly increase their ability to remain in contact with their agencies — a great advantage for users who travel khổng lồ areas where the availability of a Wi-Fi hotspot isn’t a certainty.