Huawei mate 20 pro review

Huawei Mate đôi mươi Pro is the Chinese brand"s most audacious phone yet. It has an in-display fingerprint scanner, four cameras, can wirelessly charge other phones and more.

Huawei is a fan of experimenting with colours và so the Mate trăng tròn Pro is available in a wide range of hues. My đánh giá unit has a dark green back that not only looks great, but has some added texture as a result of raised lines running from one side to the other. These are almost impossible lớn see in pictures, but scratch your fingers across the surface & it sounds like a vinyl record.

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Oddly, this textured rear is only available on the green and blue options, with the other colours – including the trippy Twilight finish made famous by the Huawei P20 Pro – coming with a more conventional, smooth back. Even though the Mate đôi mươi Pro isn’t the biggest phone around, it still feels far more comfortable in this added texture.

Around the sides of the phone sits both the nguồn button và volume rocker along one edge, with the other completely không lấy phí of buttons. Personally, I prefer the lock button to be located on the opposite side lớn the volume buttons since it reduces the chance of accidental presses.

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USB-C is the only port on the Huawei Mate 20 Pro; there’s no headphone jack here. There is, however, an IR blaster on the đứng top for controlling a TV, for example.

Like the 3.5mm jack, the physical fingerprint sensor has been ditched. Now, unlike Apple, Huawei isn’t forcing you into solely using face unlock. Instead, it has placed a fingerprint scanner beneath the phone’s OLED display. Aside from feeling ridiculously futuristic, this method of unlocking allows for a cleaner-looking device.


Alongside the in-display fingerprint sensor is a face-unlocking system reminiscent of the one seen in the iPhone series. Instead of simply using the front camera lớn determine it’s you, the Mate đôi mươi Pro builds a depth bản đồ of your face using an IR emitter, dot projector and the 24-megapixel camera.

This system is far more secure than simpler solutions, and as such can be used khổng lồ unlock banking và other apps that usually require fingerprint authentication. It also works very well in the dark, without forcing the screen to lớn light up and blind your tired eyes.

Huawei Mate đôi mươi Pro Screen – Curved OLED panel looks great

Another winning aspect of the Huawei Mate trăng tròn Pro is its excellent 6.39-inch, 19.5:9 OLED screen. The panel is rounded at the corners, curved at the sides & packs a sharp 3120 x 1440 resolution.

There’s very little to lớn criticise here, but I’ll begin with my only negative point: I don’t really lượt thích the curved edges. Sloping the screen down over the phone’s edges was first popularised by Samsung with its Edge series, and then more recently with its Galaxy flagships.

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As Samsung has refined its design, the sides have gradually become less sloped, to the point where on the Galaxy chú ý 9 they’re barely there. With the Mate 20 Pro, the sides feel too curved and have a sharp finish.

You’ll also notice that they catch far more light than the flat portion of the screen, reflecting quite heavily in bright environments.

Look past these issues, however, and the Mate 20 Pro’s panel is up there with the best displays on the market. OLED presents deep blacks và infinite contrast, while Huawei has kept the colours fairly natural: reds have a nice burst of vibrancy without feeling oversaturated, and greens don’t over up appearing luminous.


There are also lots of options for tweaking the colour performance, making it cooler, warmer or enabling ‘Vivid’ mode to boost saturation. High Dynamic Range (HDR) clip support is here, too; however, Netflix or Amazon Prime don’t currently tư vấn the Mate trăng tròn Pro’s display specifically. HDR videos on YouTube look exceptional, though.

Sitting at the đứng top of the display is a notch – the small cutout that hides all the sensors required for the biometric face-unlock feature. Notches tend not to lớn bother me in the slightest, especially when they’re hiding advanced tech.

The notch on the Pro isn’t one that simply mimics the unit on the iPhone. Here it houses a multitude of sensors & ensures the screen can be pushed out as far as possible.

Huawei Mate 20 Pro Performance – Still very fast

The Huawei Mate đôi mươi Pro is powered by the Kirin 980 – a chipset designed in-house by Huawei. Just lượt thích Apple and its A-series Bionic silicon, having the ability to lớn build a cpu yourself means you’re never waiting for the likes of Qualcomm to lớn come out with its next iteration of the flagship Snapdragon chip.

The Kirin 980 is built using the 7nm architecture, which allows of smaller gaps between the transistors on each chip. A smaller distance leads lớn improved performance and, more importantly, better efficiency.

The chip here remains an eight-core unit, lượt thích the previous Kirin 970. However, it now uses four low-powered, two medium, and two high-powered cores – each responsible for specific tasks.