Innisfree green tea balancing lotion review

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This post will be reviewing the Innisfree Green Tea Balancing Skin EX.

If you’re into Korean Skincare, there’s no way you wouldn’t have heard about Innisfree products.

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They are one of the first OG brands created in the year 2000 by Amore Pacific corporation. It’s been about 21 years since they have been established & given how new a lot of Korean brands are, 21 years is quite a long time. As a result of being around for a while, they have quite a number of sản phẩm lines.

A quick look at their trang web shows about 21 hàng hóa lines that are derived from Jeju Island in Korea. I didn’t even know that they had that many. Innisfree has its own massive Green Tea fields where they cultivate different natural skin-loving ingredients including Black Tea, Blueberry, Cherry Blossom, Marine Seaweed khổng lồ mention a few. With the Green Tea line being one of their most popular. These ingredients are then used lớn formulate amazing products. I’ve used about three lines from Innisfree and I have not been disappointed so far. The hydration is simply top-notch.

Plus, they seemed lớn have garnered a bit of global popularity over the years. While they have their shortcomings, they are generally a well-loved brand.

After using more than half of the Innisfree Green Tea Balancing Skin EX, I’m more than ready lớn talk about it. So, without further ado, let’s dive into it!


Like I mentioned earlier, I’ve been using this sản phẩm for a while và I’m almost done with the bottle.


These days, toners & skins seem to vày too much.

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They want to lớn hydrate, tone, soothe & brighten all at the same time. While I don’t have anything against multi-functional toners, sometimes I just want a hydrating product. Nothing more, nothing less và this hàng hóa DELIVERS.

The hydration is TOP-NOTCH và is just perfect for my dry dehydrated skin. Yeah, it has this earthy fragrance but I’m definitely not affected by it. It doesn’t irritate my skin. Neither does it affect the efficacy of the product. So, if you have sensitive skin & you want to lớn try this product, I think you’ll be fine.

In Conclusion,

The backlash Innisfree gets from the fragrance in their products really doesn’t địa chỉ up sometimes. Despite it, they still manage lớn sell out their products globally. So, if you’re usually affected by fragrance in skincare, I think you should avoid Innisfree completely. I mean, there’s no way you’re going to avoid the natural fragrance of all their products considering how they cultivate these herbs themselves in Jeju Island.

So far, I’ve never really been disappointed by Innisfree products. I just feel lượt thích I haven’t tried enough because I keep chasing the latest brands. I’m hoping that changes in the near future.