Mua kem lót innisfree mineral makeup base spf 30 40ml giá 195,000 trên boshop


On the day that I bought this primer, I had just finished a silicone heavy primer and was looking for something that was not foundation but that was going to even out my skin tone somewhat, especially for the weekkết thúc when I was not wearing makeup.Bạn đang xem: Review: Inniskhông tính phí Mineral Makeup Base

For reference, I am really, really fair và am intending lớn keep it that way.

For some reason or the other, I decided to lớn wander into Inniskhông tính phí, which khổng lồ date is my favourite roadside skincare and makeup shop, and browsed for a while until I landed on this makeup primer. I was attracted to lớn the clayên that it was a mineral primer, as I had not used a mineral sunscreen in a long time, preferring to lớn go for chemical sunscreens. You can read the full reviews of my ride-or-die, HG sunscreen over here if you so desire.

I swatched it and really liked how it gave sầu a slight tint to my skin that was blendable. So how did this fare in the long run?

・What it is: ・

It’s a face primer that also contains sunscreen.


Great for going makeup không lấy phí if you are very, very fair or if you are considering looking like a ghost.

・Price & Availability: ・

I paid a manner ( ₩10,000 even) at an Innisfree roadside siêu thị somewhere in Seoul. I vì chưng believe that it was on sale at the time, though, so you might find that it could cost a bit more than that. Online, I see these babies retail for US$trăng tròn.00.

・Size/Quantity: ・


CosDNA has a few yellow flags but no red flags. The minerals that this derives its sun protection from appear to be zinc oxide as well as titanium dioxide.

Bạn đang xem: Mua kem lót innisfree mineral makeup base spf 30 40ml giá 195,000 trên boshop


Source: cosDNA

Skincarisma, too, does not really show up with any red flags, though they bởi vì note that this contains some fragrance & that it is not fungal acne safe.

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Source: Skincarisma


The packaging is absolutely fine to lớn me. You can squeeze out as much as you want, with ease, & the packaging is perfectly travel friendly for it is light, the cap closes tightly and contains under 100 ml, which makes it TSA friendly as far as I am aware.

・What the company says:・

Mineral base for bright skin tone và smooth skin texture

1. 4-in-1 multibase lớn enhance skin tone, act as a primer, balance oil and moisture, and protect against UV rays

2. Soft essential aroma

After your regular skincare routine, squeeze a dollop of the base inlớn your hands. Spread it on your face and finish by patting gently.

Available in 3 shades khổng lồ suit all skin colours

– PEACH COLOUR: to achieve sầu natural skin tone

– GREEN COLOUR: to cover reddish or blotchy skin

– PURPLE COLOUR: lớn neutralize yellowish and dull skin tone


The primer is a medium thiông xã, lightly pink tinted cream that spreads easily. I will have khổng lồ say though that you will have to lớn put in a bit of work for it to blover seamlessly into lớn the skin if worn alone. It does take some effort until it no longer appears patchy & uneven. This is not something that bothers me personally as I enjoy touching and patting and massaging my face (LOL) but it might be bothersome to some.