One of my favourite skincare products is a sleeping mask. When I’m too lazy khổng lồ put on sheet mask/wash-off mask, sleeping masks are my always go-to & currently Innisfree’s Brightening Pore Sleeping Mask has been keeping my skin bright và nourished these past few weeks! XD

Price: $32 NZD

Quantity: 100ml 

Product Description: “Vitamin-rich, sleeping mask for brightening care while you snooze.”

How to lớn use: Apply as the last step of your night-time routine. Gently massage to melt the capsules & help absorption. Leave on overnight, and rinse with lukewarm water in the morning. Use once or twice a week.

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The highlight ingredient of this product is “Hallabong” or Jeju citrus or Jeju tangerine. It is rich vi-ta-min C, especially its thick peel. Its also packed with hesperidin, a bioflavonoid và an antioxidant that’s known lớn be good for the skin. Together, they help brighten, clarify, and protect the skin from pollutants.

Other skin-caring ingredients are:

Triple vi-ta-min a well-balanced of vi-ta-min C Derivative, Niacinamide và Panthenol provides a powerful brightening effect for

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Niacinamide: Helps visibly brightenVitamin C Derivative: Helps with dull, uneven tone & antioxidant protectionPanthenol: Soothes + helps protect skin’s moisture barrier

Visible trắng moisture capsules that melt down khổng lồ build a moisture shield that helps hydrate while you sleep.


Personal Experience

Let’s start khung the packaging. Its in a nice, decent-sized tub with a mini spatula which you place inside the tub, on đứng top of the inner lid. It so much product that I think last for at least 1-2 months when used regularly & the price seems affordable which makes it worth lớn try. 

This has a gel-like formal with white capsules that totally my vibe because my skin loves gel-like products và capsules makes it more fun to lớn use. However, despite being a gel formula, it can be quite heavy for me especially during summer, so I only apply 3-4 dots around my face và neck, once-twice a week. 

After almost 4 weeks of using this product, I vị notice my skin looking brighter, smoother, & nourished. I still have acne scars và dark spots that didn’t fade away, but I believe that using thi over time, it’ll be no more. I would sometimes only use a cleanser, toner, & this mask as my nighttime routine because it has what my skin currently needs và sometimes using too many products in one-go be not helpful.

Overall, I would this khổng lồ people lượt thích me who can be lazy lớn masking but still wanna give their skin some extra love. I can see dry skin people loving this because its moisturizing. For my oily people, use it to your liking because it can be heavy depending on the weather you are in. I think this would also be a good fit khổng lồ your routine if you are also having troubles with dull, uneven skin.