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It’s another product nhận xét Friday! Today I will be reviewing It’s Skin nguồn 10 Formula vitamin C Effector Serum.

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So please look after me well:)

First Impression

I was a bit adamant khổng lồ buy this one when I came across it on Althea Korea’s website. I’ve always wanted to try serums, but I was not sure how my skin would react towards it. But I have always been suffering from scars from pimples because I couldn’t help not popping them.

Vitamin C is good for lightening dull skin and acne marks. This is what I was in deep need for, so I thought this was the serum I should venture into.

It comes in a glass bottle with a dropper for a precise amount of serum with every use. I love the packaging. It reminds me of vitamins that we use to lớn take as a kid.


Anyways, this retails on Althea Korea for PHP390 (around $7 – $8) for a 30mL bottle.

The Trial

It has a light watery consistency that is easily absorbed into the skin. Has a slight citrusy scent that won’t bother even the most sensitive to lớn smells. It may look yellow from the bottle, but it really has a clear transparent color. It is not sticky, which is a definite plus for me.

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I use three to four drops for every application. This should be used in between your toner and favorite moisturizer. It is mild on the skin, though on my first few applications it did sting a little probably because I haven’t used any serum prior to this và it has vitamin C.

Final Thoughts

One bottle comes a long way. It could last you for months, so Php390.00 is a steal honestly.

I only use this at night since vitamin C oxidizes especially when exposed to sunlight. But if you want to lớn use this during the daytime, I recommend using sunscreen with an SPF 35 & higher.

As I have stated that it stung during my first applications, but as your skin get used lớn it the stinging fades away. I think it was also because it was acidic by nature, given that it is vitamin C. But the amount of vitamin C here was not that high compared khổng lồ other serums so this would be perfect for beginners or those who wanted to lớn invest in serums & haven’t used one yet.

One thing that I noticed with continues usage is that my acne scars lighten bit by bit which is a really good indicator that this is working on me. You just need lớn be patient lớn really see its effect, which I think applies to every hàng hóa you use.

You should also expect a little case of breaking out since vitamin C peels the outer layer of your skin to lớn reveal a much better & healthier skin beneath.

Would I recommend this?

Oh yes!

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