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Orange lip color brings out a fresh và young vibe I like. So I"ve been looking for the perfect orange when I found KaradiumFull Moon Lip Tint in shade 02 Some.

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Water based lip stain formula is smooth lớn apply with vivid màu sắc pigmentations. This attractive lip tint màu sắc is meant to lớn last all day long! Smudge proof lip tint keeps its màu sắc from fading wherever you go wherever you go whether you are at a pool or crowded places. If extra hydration is needed, apply some lip balm on top to keep intense màu sắc with lasting moisture. Caution! Blend it out or fix before the fomula dries to set in place. Once set, the màu sắc will not fade or be removed.

PackagingThe tint came with a box so it looks presentable. The tint tube is of course neon orange! It comes with a doe foot applicator.

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This tint is lightly scented so its not a bother when I use it. The tint itself is liquid but not watery nor creamy. It dries just in time after I blend it out on my lips. I have chappy lips lately so its a must lớn use a lip balm. Once it sets the color sticks lượt thích a tattoo but its very lightweight lượt thích you"ve used nothing on your lips.
The Karadium Full Moon Lip Tint is very pigmented and its buildable. It has an all day lasting color on me. I have a habit of biting my lips so this is something new. If it can withstand eating pizza and samgyupsal then surely it can be waterproof enough to lớn be used for swimming. I can"t wait to use this for summer.I also tried it on my cheeks after I use sunblock but the formula is a bit dry lớn work on however I"ve still managed to lớn put it on.How much and where lớn buy?
I got it on sale for P140 at Jade Scents in their kiosk in Caloocan. Normal price is at P200 at their shopee account.What I loveLong lastingAffordableSmudgeproofWater proofLasts even after a mealLight weight formulaGloss tattoo effectVery pigmentedBuildable colorUnscentedVery nice box và bottleThe only brand with this neon orange màu sắc I love!!What I don"tDryingWill I repurchase?Yes!Overall~I finally found the longest lasting lip stain with Karadium Full Moon lip tint! Buildable màu sắc and light formula makes it a winner in my checklist.
Karadium Full Moon Lip Tint in 02 Some
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