Fat has always been in the diet of many people, but is now being consumed less because fat is considered the culprit in increasing rates of overweight, obesity and type 2 diabetes. So the body toàn thân Does lack of fat have any effect?

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Fat is an essential macronutrient for our health. Without enough fat in the diet, skin, hair, hormones, energy levels and metabolic function can suffer. They are known chemically as triesters of glycerol (triglycerides) and fatty acids, which are one of three macronutrients (fats, carbohydrates, proteins). Fats are important for body processes such as digestion, transport, metabolism và energy extraction. It is our body"s main reserve of energy and by weight it contains three times the amount of energy provided by glucose which must be supplied khổng lồ the brain continuously throughout the day. We cannot survive without fat for the following reasons: Digestion: Fats do not dissolve in the blood, so the bile acids made from cholesterol in the liver emulsify this fat to make it more efficient. Participate in other metabolic processes. It stores fat-soluble vitamins A, vi-ta-min D, vi-ta-min E and vitamin K in the liver và fatty tissues. Since fat needs khổng lồ be broken down through many processes including the stomach, duodenum, liver, gallbladder, pancreas, and small intestine, fat stays around for a long time và keeps you full. Transport: Fat is part of every cell membrane in the body. It helps to lớn transport nutrients và metabolites across cell membranes. Conversion: Your body toàn thân uses fat for many things from activating hormones khổng lồ building immune function. Harnessing Energy: Between meals or in the absence of glucose, triglycerides are broken down và converted into energy, which, in times of need, can be used by the brain"s neurons. Nervous system: Axons are the part of nerves (neurons) that transmit electrical signals from the brain to lớn throughout the body to initiate all functions. The axon"s protective coating is a myelin sheath made of 80% lipid (fat) & must be supplied by the diet Fat provides us with most of our energy. That way fat saves proteins from using energy and allows them to perform the more important role of building and repairing tissues. It provides a source of fat-soluble vitamins A - K - D - E into the toàn thân and helps absorb these vitamins into the intestines. Fat participates in the process of fat formation to lớn help you keep warm. Production of sex hormones estrogen và testosterone. Wound healing: Essential fatty acids play an important role in wound healing and blood clotting
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Cardiologist Kevin Campbell, a member of the American College of Cardiology, said: "Extremely low body fat percentage can affect the cardiovascular system"s ability khổng lồ function normally. For example, in a study published in the International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance when bodybuilders prepared for competition by reducing body fat, their heart rate dropped. 27 beats per minute left. A heart rate that is too low, known as bradycardia, can lead to lớn dizziness, fainting, and cardiac arrest. Meanwhile, another electrolyte imbalance due khổng lồ too low body fat percentage, not to mention calorie intake, can lead to lớn “arrhythmia and sudden cardiac death”
When you run out of fat, you have no energy reserves và the body cannot function at its optimal level. Furthermore, low levels of body toàn thân fat have also been linked to lớn a slow heart rate such as decreased thyroid hooc môn production leading lớn fatigue.
Fat plays a role in making your body maintain its temperature and is also an insulator for the organs. Besides, thyroid dysfunction, can also be increased in people whose body fat percentage is too low.
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Dr. Campbell said, after about đôi mươi minutes of exercise, your body toàn thân can start to lớn run out of carbohydrates, this time fat as an energy source. If your body has too little fat lớn supply, athletic performance will be significantly affected
Physiologist Mike Nelson says, glycogen is very important to lớn help the toàn thân recover after exercise. Even if you work out with your fit toàn thân you can still have difficulty with training. That"s because when your toàn thân fat percentage is too low, so will your glycogen or carbohydrate stores in your muscles and liver.

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Dieting lớn reduce body fat will decrease circulating levels of leptin, a hormone produced by fat cells in the body. Leptin receptors in the hypothalamus sense this drop và increase cravings that keep you hungry all the time.
Too low levels of leptin and testosterone can lead lớn hypogonadism or secondary hypogonadism, in which the reproductive system is essentially shut down. Your toàn thân won"t get the signal that it"s time lớn produce sperm, reducing your chances of having a baby. For women, not having enough fat leads to hormonal problems, typically missed periods.
Extremely low amounts of body toàn thân fat & energy are associated with higher cortisol levels, which interfere with the immune system, increasing the likelihood of bacterial or viral infections of cold or flu. In addition, if the body toàn thân lacks fat, you are also at risk of facing more fatigue và irritability.
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Low levels of essential fatty acids in the brain can also lead lớn difficulty concentrating & mental fatigue. Low energy levels make it difficult lớn get work done.
Dietary and body toàn thân fat are important for healthy skin. Furthermore, thin-looking people don"t usually eat a lot of water-retaining carbs, so dehydration is common. When you"re dehydrated, your body toàn thân draws water from your skin and transfers it lớn your vital organs. Your skin will become dry and flaky.
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According lớn daily recommendations, your total fat intake is about 25 - 30% of total body energy. Saturated fat should be no more than 10% of our total energy intake, the rest being unsaturated fat. We should replace saturated and trans fats with unsaturated fats in our diet as much as possible If you"re trying to thua weight you shouldn"t follow a fat-free weight loss regimen fat or low fat, but instead aim to reduce saturated fat và trans fat for the best weight loss. It can be seen that when you lack fat, your body is at risk of facing a lot of health problems, so please balance and showroom fat in your daily diet. If you need specific advice on a diet suitable for each age, especially for those with a history of diseases of high blood pressure, heart disease, blood fat... You can come to lớn us. International General Hospital khổng lồ be examined by doctors & experts for appropriate indications.

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