Judging from the ingredient list, "Secret Key - Starting Treatment Cream" works well for improving skin hydration As we expect from a proper moisturizer, the formula includes a combo of effective humectants & emollients. These are the two different types of ingredients that are essential for improving the skin hydration và supporting a healthy skin barrier. Betaine, glycerin, hydroxyethyl urea, butylene glycol và caprylyl glycol in this hàng hóa (humectants) attract water molecules lớn the upper layer of the skin (the water comes from the outside air or from the deeper layers of the skin if the air is dry). Ceramide 3, astrocaryum murumuru seed butter, butyrospermum parkii butter, dimethicone và squalane in this product help decrease the water evoporation from the skin, so that it stays hydrated for longer. These ingredients also soften the skin and take away the feeling of tightness và dryness.

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Ingredient calloutsWe particularly lượt thích that there is a good concentration of niacinamide (niacinamide 1.90% - 2.30%) in this moisturizer. Niacinamide is a well-studied multi-tasking active. It is a great ingredient to lớn have in a moisturizer. It is stable, & can work well in almost any hydrating formulation. There is solid evidence that niacinamide can help support skin barrier, regulate oil production và reduce acne và clogged pores. It also helps to lớn fight photodamage & help improve the skin tone, reducing pigmentation marks. Another benefit is that this moisturizer contain ceramides (ceramide 3 0.25% - 0.45%). Ceramides are an important part of our natural skin barrier. The ceramides used in skincare are synthetic or come from plants. They help soften the skin & can help "fill the gaps" in the skin barrier, keeping the skin hydrated và resilient for longer. Adenosine 0.15% - 0.25% in this moisturizer adds an anti-aging benefit. Adenosine is a compound that in involved in many biological processes inside the skin cells. According one high-quality clinical trial, topical adenosine in low concentrations can help improve "deep wrinkles" - the wrinkles that appear with age in places where our faces are most dynamic (for example, on the forehead or in the corners of the eyes). Irritation risk

We assess the overall irritancy of this moisturizer lớn be high. For a detailed overview of all potential irritants: click here

You can see the detailed formula đánh giá with the breakdown of all actives in the product and the full ingredient list with estimated concentrations in the tables below.

PriceThe sản phẩm retails for 17.99CA$ in Canada, for 26.00A$ in Australia, from 9.49$ up lớn 18.40$ in the United States and for 9.49£ in the United Kingdom.

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Ingredient Effectiveness Concentration Irritancy
adenosine HIGH
niacinamide HIGH
butyrospermum parkii butter LOW

This product can help improve hydration of the skin with the two types of ingredients.

The first type is called “humectants”: these ingredients help attract water. When humectants are on the surface of the skin, they “pull in” the moisture from the outside environment, or from within deeper layers of the skin. The following ingredients in this product vày the job:betaine, glycerin.

This product also contains ingredients called “occlusives”. They help reduce the speed with which our skin loses moisture to lớn the outside environment. These ingredients also help soften the upper layer of the skin, so it feels less tight & nicer to lớn the touch. The following ingredients in this product vì the job:butyrospermum parkii butter, dimethicone.

The following ingredients in this sản phẩm are especially good for supporting the skin barrier and helping with the hydration level: ceramide 3, niacinamide