Song jae rim & kim so eun may leave we got married

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Photo: Kyên ổn So Eun"s Twitter

The producers of We Got Married just can’t seem khổng lồ get a break. Last month, one of its cast members, Hong Jong Hyun, was pushed into lớn the spotlight after dating rumours with After School’s Nana arose.

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At the same time, Klặng So Eun was blasted for ruling out developing real feelings for her reel-life husbvà, Song Jae Rim. A report published by Korean truyền thông media outlet The Fact claimed that Klặng So Eun is dating actor Son Ho Joon, which was accompanied by pictures of the two having a late-night outing together.

Son Ho Joon is noted for his role as Haitai on 2013 drama Reply 1994, and has more recently been pursuing movie, rather than drama, projects. The report also added that a source cđại bại khổng lồ the two claimed that they connected after finding a large number of comtháng interests, và that the two started dating not long ago.

Both stars’ agencies have responded lớn the matter, with the 30-year-old actor’s agency, MBK Entertainment, stating that the two have not known each other for long but have sầu “good feelings towards each other”, adding that “it’s true Son Ho Joon has good feelings (for Kim So Eun) but they are definitely not dating.”

Kyên ổn So Eun’s agency, Fantagio, explained that the two met at a fashion event & got close due to lớn fellow actor Yoo Yeon Seok (who also starred in Reply 1994). Kim So Eun và Yoo Yeon Seok worked together on a 2011 drama, A Thousand Kisses.

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Fantagio added that the two have sầu known each other for less than a month, admitting that the two “have been very close” but maintained that “it is difficult to say that they are dating. They are not a couple & her manager was present on the night (they were photographed together) as well.”

With the increased pressure from enraged viewers calling for the pair khổng lồ be taken off the show, the production team have confirmed that they will be meeting with a representative sầu from Fantagio today (Feb 9) khổng lồ fully understvà the dating rumours by hearing the exact story of what happened between Kim So Eun và Son Ho Joon.

In addition, they acknowledged that Fantagio has denied the rumours but that they would make a decision on the couple’s fate on the show after making a decision carefully so that no tiệc nhỏ involved will end up as a victyên from the current situation.

They confirmed that Kyên So Eun and Song Jae Rim will continue to be on the show until a decision has been made as previous footage is sufficient for broadcast. The pair recently returned from their honeymoon in Turkey.

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We Got Married airs every Saturday on MBC & currently features Namgoong Min, Hong Jin Young, Hong Jong Hyun, Yura, Song Jae Rim và Klặng So Eun.

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