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Review: La Roche


Best facial sunscreen ever

I've used multiple mineral facial sunscreens & this is the best - absolutely no trắng cast. Once rubbed in, you don't even know it's on. Doesn't cause breakouts. Best price through doanhnghiepnet.com.vn as well!

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It’s ok

Not a bad sunscreen but does leave a white cast on my darker skin tone. It is very light though & non greasy.

Great product

I really like this sunscreen. I wear sun screen all the time & this is light and doesn't bother my sensitive skin.

Very reliable sunscreen

The sunscreen is lightweight & absorbed well in to lớn my skin without feeling too moist.


Pros: Nice, portable sized bottle. Absorbs quickly, non-greasy. Cons: Have to lớn shake the bottle - I forget all the time so I wonder if I get the correct mixture.Overall: Solid product, don't forget khổng lồ shake it!

Works well under makeup

I'm pretty happy with this mineral sunscreen. It doesn't dry out my skin if I use a moisturizer under it and while it is a little messy khổng lồ apply, it is easier lớn rub in compared to lớn cream mineral sunscreens. I have fair, cool-olive skin & while this does leave a very slight bluish-lavender cast if find it works really well to lớn tone down a couple tinted moisturizers & foundations I have that are little khổng lồ warm. Is is water & sweat resistant, & works well when I go running outside. Make sure you shake it very well before applying.

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Great Option for Fair Skin

I have been a long-time tín đồ of La Roche-Posay's sunscreens. I accidentally ordered this one thinking it was one I have used in the past. As a sunscreen itself, it works just fine. I have no complaints there. Because this is a mineral version, it does have a strong trắng cast. When I try khổng lồ blend it in khổng lồ get the white cast to lớn settle và go away, it will start khổng lồ ball up. Therefore, it's most likely pulling up all the skincare I put underneath it. I think this would be good for someone with very fair skin. My skintone is medium with a yellow undertone.

No cast if you are very fair

I like this sunscreen because it is very liquid and applies easily. I use an upside-down egg holder making a little dish và squirt the amount I want into it then dip my finger in & apply. If you squeeze it directly onto your hand or fingers it can be very messy and runny.I can use it around my eyes with no problem.As far as leaving a cast, it will unless you are very fair skinned.

Anthelios 50 Mineral Ultra Light Sunscreen Fluid

This is my favorite sunscreen. It is moisturizing & lightweight with a matte finish. It doesn’t pill up when applying multiple layers. It’s the most comfortable feeling sunscreen I’ve found for my rosacea skin. It looks great too.

Works great for sun protection

One year ago I underwent MOHS surgery và plastic surgery repair lớn the nose for basal cell carcinoma. Since then, keeping 50 spf on, is paramount. With a scar I’m finding out also how khổng lồ keep minimum clogging in those pores around the nose, và this hàng hóa is working well for my sun protection và skin care. It doesn’t clog up, it’s very fluid, và while it may deliver a tad white case, I offset that with a light cảm ứng of mineral powder or sometimes I’ll phối in a bit of tinted sunscreen. My skin is porcelain so most tinted spf products are too dark. I will likely repurchase this hàng hóa which my MOHS surgeon recommended.

Very lightweight

I love how lightweight this is for a mineral spf. It does leave a bit of a cast và is a little streaky which is why I'm not giving 5 stars but I still lượt thích it.

Nice but peals

I really do lượt thích this sunscreen. I have used it for about 2 weeks và so far so good. Only 4 stars because if you don’t immediately rub it in, it starts khổng lồ peal.

It’s acceptable

I didn’t care for the texture of this product, but I’m still using it. I just feel it’s almost too ultra light.

Light on your skin

My first bottle of this sunscreen was purchased from a dermatologist & I was so happy that it didn't feel heavy or thick on my skin. This sunscreen is very light & doesn't make me feel lượt thích I am smothering under it. I often opted not to wear sunscreen for that specific reason but ever since I tried this product, I make a point of applying it before I go out in the sun & don't even think about it again. It works beautifully to lớn protect your skin with a SPF 50...I was so pleased lớn find it again at doanhnghiepnet.com.vn. If you avoid sunscreen because it feels heavy on your skin, you must try this!!

My favorite sunscreen

I love this product for its softness, effectiveness, healthy mineral base and flat bottle size that makes it easy to take along with me for a day outside. It smooths and moisturizes as well.

Love it!

my 3rd bottle; always use the tinted version, which gives me great sun protection & also evens out my skin with the very lightest coverage. Makes look good-to-go each day the easiest ever.

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