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Laneige lip sleeping mask review

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We know that loose lips sink ships, but chapped lips? Those are really the worst.

Good thing lip masks are now über trendy, with the shining star being the Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask.

The little tub of hydrating salve is from Korean beauty brand Laneige, which has gone viral several times on social truyền thông and is now represented by “Euphoira” star Sydney Sweeney, who really does have one of the best celeb pouts out there.

Speaking of celebrities, the $24 mask is beloved by a whole array of A-listers, from Kendall Jenner & Nina Dobrev to Brooke Shields & Kaia Gerber, as reported by Page Six.

Obviously, this means that we had khổng lồ get our hands (and lips) on the Laneige mask, as well as a selection of their other goodies such as the Water bank Moisture Cream và the Lip Glowy Balm.

What is the Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask?

The Lip Sleeping Mask reportedly sells one unit every three seconds, which makes for a whole lot of hydrated lips.

The formula works khổng lồ hydrate and soften lips, combatting dryness with key ingredients like shea butter, coconut oil, murumuru butter — which comes from nuts found in the Brazilian Amazon, và Vitamin C to lớn name a few.

The process is quite simple. Before bed, or really any time, slather the thick, vaseline-like mask onto your lips & then let the formula sink in overnight or an eight-hour period for best results. Since it is thicker than most chapsticks, you won’t need lớn reapply as often, letting all the magic happen while you sleep.

The Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask review: dry lớn dewy lips overnight


Because of the current heatwave sweeping the United States right now, I have been sleeping with my A/C unit on full blast, which is great for my sweat but horrible for my lips. I hate waking up with cracking & peeling lips, & so when I spotted everyone carrying this little pink tub, I had to try it for myself.

To give it a fair shake, I stopped using chapstick for a few days prior, which was insanely hard for me as a compulsive lip-gloss-checker and chapstick fanatic. Sure enough, they chapped up and lucky for me, I also got a dry patch on my inner corner. The trials & tribulations of a commerce journalist, right?

Once sufficiently dry, I then used the Lip Sleeping Mask every night before bed for five nights, just lớn see the full effects. After one sleep, I noticed that my cracks were healing & my dry spot was starting lớn fade. Sure enough, after three nights (and a few re-applications during the day after meals or drinking) my lips were back to their full, plump glory & the spot was 90% better.

The only nhỏ to mention, as the rest are pros, is that since you are supposed to sleep with the mask on and I layered it on quite thick, side and stomach-sleepers may want to lớn change to lớn an old pillowcase or use less product. I woke up once khổng lồ a kiss-marked pillow và don’t advise that if you sleep on silk like I do. Lesson learned, but the soft lips were 100% worth it.


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As you can see, my dry patch on the right healed almost instantly, & the rest of my lips became super soft và far less cracked down the middle. Sophie Cannon
As you can see, my dry patch on the right healed almost instantly, & the rest of my lips became super soft and far less cracked down the middle. Sophie Cannon
To make the rest of my face match my lips, I also used the Water ngân hàng Moisture Cream after my normal evening face wash. Just like the lip mask, my face was instantly hydrated, but unlike the mask, the sản phẩm fully absorbed into my skin & didn’t leave me looking greasy or too shiny — more lượt thích the glazed doughnut skin that is also viral right now.

Lastly, for even more of a glow on your lips during the day, the Lip Glowy Balm should be in everyone’s purse or pocket for a hit of hydration on the go. I used it throughout the day when the lip mask wasn’t on và it hydrated just the same, only less thick of course. Last note: the Gummy Bear scent smells 100% like grape Kool-aid & I had instant flashbacks lớn elementary school in the best way possible.