Lords Of The Fallen Review


game Play focuses heavily around managing an energy bar, player positioning, và attaông chồng animations. Overseeing each component is pivotal since even the smallest of enemies can effortlessly kill an inexperienced player. Swinging weapons costs energy, but perfecting the timing of each blow consumes half the stamimãng cầu, & will even prompt special high-powered animations with certain weapons.

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The weapon selection is about what you would expect from a medieval-themed game. One interesting feature is Harkyn’s gauntlet, which can be equipped at any time lớn fire one of three different upgradable projectiles.

Clearly inspired by the Souls series, Lord of the Fallen shares the same steep difficulty; just when you feel comfortable with the controls and mechanics, something new will come along just to remind you that you have sầu a lot to learn. From the start to lớn the kết thúc, this schooling process consists of a curriculum of death and frustration. Dying results in dropping all of your currently held experience in a ghost where you fell, but unlượt thích the Souls series, often times enemies won’t respawn, leaving a clear path for you khổng lồ crawl back lớn your spirit. If you’re unlucky và still die on your way lớn the phantom, that experience will be permanently lost.


Not everything is about punishment, though. Each enemy killed adds to an experience multiplier, allowing skilled gamers to quickly become more và more powerful. Banking experience at a checkpoint will remix this multiplier, so it’s up lớn you to lớn decide how far you want to push without spending your all-important income.

Player movement is smooth and feels responsive, whether you’re equipped with light armour or heavy armour. Dodging enemy attacks often feels fair, with a generous invincibility window, yet the occasional enemy swing will connect even when clearly outside of the player hitbox. All in all, it’s a satisfying combat system that’s incredibly tough, but a just one if you learn all of its intricacies.

Rolling around the various worlds between the human và the Rhogar realm is visually pleasing, but can feel a bit repetitive sầu at times. Assets are occasionally reused – even to the point of duplicate playable paths – but the overall theme và mood of the game is satisfying. Map layout is generally fairly straight forward & linear, making it easy to lớn navigate from objective-to-objective. There is a little wiggle room with side quests, though, giving enough freedom và choice lớn those stuông xã on a particular trùm or difficult enemy.


However, the idea of a ‘boss fight’ is a bit different here, as some of the enemies who play more traditional boss roles return as standard foes later in the game. It’s just another reason to always be aware of your surroundings, and always know your adversaries. To make matters worse, it’s not uncommon for bosses to glitch and bug out. Since each trùm fight has multiple phases, sometimes your antagonist will become stuchồng in-between these. This is particularly annoying when they are nearly immune khổng lồ damage, forcing you lớn either give up and die or fight a hopeless battle. It might not happen frequently, but when it does, it’s horribly off-putting for a game that’s already pretty difficult.

Unfortunately, you won’t have any friends to help you either. The entire experience is single player here, unlike its immediate contemporaries. It’s a shame that there aren’t any co-operative sầu or competitive features included considering the steep difficulty curve sầu, as there’s a svào chance that you’ll be scouring the Internet for tư vấn regardless.

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Despite the dull plot, basic character design, & occasional buggy trùm fights, the overall mood of Lords of the Fallen is fantastic – even if you’re forced to play it alone. The punishing difficulty may not please everyone, but fans of the Souls series should definitely consider taking a swing at the Rhogar. Those looking for a quiông xã và easy adventure should duck and roll elsewhere, though, as this game will demo your patience, skills, & dedication.

Good 7/10

Scoring Policynhận xét copy provided by Square Enix


Thu 30th Oct 2014

Sounds lượt thích rental lớn me, I think I"d really enjoy a good smash through this game, would make for a decent weekover at some point.


Thu 30th Oct 2014

I just defeated the third boss, after 6 hours of playing (Didn"t go straight forward, but enjoyed myself a lot in exploring the many different paths & secret locations this game has....). The grafic is very good, even if sometimes you see fall of framerates & some tearing (but it never affected gameplay).

The combat system is what keeps me playing this game over và over và over and I never get tired of the respawned enemies, it"s a good way khổng lồ farm experience và each single fight is very entertaining và tactical.... noob button-smasher approach will lead you to a fast death.

I also liked the absence of a bản đồ in game, so everything relies on your ability to orient yourself (& by the way, in middle age gps wasn"t there), and the fact that many subquests are subtle, not like go from A to B, but you can collect information about them & special loot in the audio log you find.

I have sầu lớn disagree on one point with the reviewer.... it is true that the customization of the character at the beginning is very basic (the real choice is about the 3 magical schools, the class you choose will give sầu you only a starting armor set và differencies in ability points, but after that you can develop your character as you want, there are no armor/weapon vs class limitation here, and I love it), but the way you equip yourself and the weapon you choose (& also how you handle it: single h&, with shield, two handed) is gonmãng cầu differenciate the fighting style a lot.... I found myself wasting so much time in trying all the possible combinations till I found my fav.... pity that there is no online, would have sầu been graeat to lớn have sầu at least a multiplayer pvp aremãng cầu...the music is amazing (limited preorder edition comes with a cd soundtraông xã too), every games of thrones bạn will love it....

Ah, the loot is very satisfactory and balanced (cough cough... destiny), và every armor is a joy to see on your character...

For me, this is much more an 8 than a 7..... considering also this was a small rather independent team....

ps: sorry for the long comment và my not perfect english


arnoldlayne83 well said homie I got my copy yesterday I"m still busy gaming The Evil within but can"t wait lớn jump inkhổng lồ this one.hope the graphics push out on my LCD (need new tv