Skin1004: The Madagascar Centella Toner & Ampoule Review


We get our hands on some of the SKIN1004 & would lượt thích khổng lồ nội dung our thoughts on some of their effective and promising products. As one of the best selling br& in most East khổng lồ South-East Asian countries, we believed that SKIN1004 would be a promising brand in Malaysia as well. Our focus is on the Madagascar Centella Asiatica hàng hóa lines as we are highly interested in the benefits of Centella Asiatica as mentioned in our previous blog post and facts shared on Instagram.

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This ampoule consists of only 1 main ingredient: Madagascar Centella Asiatica, which is import directly from East Africa islvà - Madagascar.

What makes it special?

France"s famous pharmaceutical manage khổng lồ study and find out the best và safest way to lớn extract the Centella Asiatica"s benefit without damaging any of the beneficial ingredients.

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The Centella Asiatica is divided inlớn 3 chemical extracts:-


Although the sản phẩm is advertised for whitening và wrinkle care, we noticed that this hàng hóa is more focus on the acne-troubled & sensitive skin. The first major step for a happy, healthy skin starts with targetting the main issue of our skin. Majority of Malaysian consumer is worried about acne trouble as this is one of the massive sầu issue faced by everyone, including us from

Madecassoside acid is used in skin care products for skin repairing especially for acne scars & with the help of asiatic acid that works as synthetic collagen to lớn control acne scars from darkening and prevent from skin damage. In a research by pharmaceuticals, Centella Asiatica has a higher level of the asiaticoside and madecassoside màn chơi when it is extracted at a suitable low-temperature level. 


The Honest Truth:

We believed that this ampoule is similar to supplement vitamin intakes, as it helps to boost up skin repair và helps lớn tư vấn other skincare products to work efficiently in achieving a healthy skin. It takes time for us khổng lồ understand what our body toàn thân may not be able lớn fully banish certain skin troubles, however, we can work on controlling the to a minimal percentage. 

On the first week of using this sản phẩm, we noticed that our skin is facing breakouts. The skin is undergoing purging effects where the skin is reacting towards new ingredients. It was a bit of a shocking thing for us as we are not prone khổng lồ skin purging. Was it any good? We tried to lớn contact Skin1004 from Korea and ask on this issue & it is confirmed that the skin will be having some breakouts for certain consumers. We are encouraged khổng lồ continue using the products lớn see if we are with it after some time. To our surprise, the Madagasoto Centella Asiatica 100 works efficiently to lớn control the skin troubles và repair the skin at the same time.

Upon using it, you may not see the changes or effect as other products guarantee a certain feeling such as fresh, tightening, cooling etc. Instead, you will feel a very watery-like essence which is very lightweight. No stickiness or greasy feeling & absorbs well into lớn the skin. This ampoule has no scent & the substance is just a transparent liquid almost like regular water. This ampoule does not fully provide you with moisturizing effect, hence, you will require to lớn use your final step skincare product to loông chồng the nutrition & moisture. 

Overall, we believed that this sản phẩm will serve sầu its mission khổng lồ help consumers with troubled skin to lớn achieve a healthier skin. It will surely be one of our best & products khổng lồ be used at all time.


We highly advise every consumer to lớn understvà their skin beforeh& venture inkhổng lồ products that may or may not be suitable for their skin concerns. As the may be various, the process for the skin khổng lồ fully accept và regenerate will be depending on one"s lifestyle & toàn thân condition.