Editor"s NoteReleased in 18th Century, this tried-and-tested lotion has been popular for generations" /> Editor"s NoteReleased in 18th Century, this tried-and-tested lotion has been popular for generations" />


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Editor"s Note

Released in 18th Century, this tried-and-tested lotion has been popular for generations. It effectively moisturizes skin, prevents acne and controls sebum production with a non-sticky refreshing formula.
Salicylic acid, homosulfamine, geraniol-modified alcohol, PG, fragrance

Ingredients subject to change at manufacturer"s discretion. For the most complete & up-to-date danh sách of ingredients, please refer to sản phẩm packaging.



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Made in:Japan
Catalog No.:1065422385
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About brand: Meishoku Brilliant ColorsMeishoku Brilliant Colors was founded by Masajirou Momotani, owner of Masakiya Pharmacy (now the Momotani Juntenkan Group). A student of Western medicine, Momotani created the brand’s first salicylic acid-infused toner in 1887 khổng lồ treat his wife’s acne-prone skin. The toner is now known as the Bigansui Medicated Skin Lotion và continues lớn be a bestseller among Meishoku Brilliant Colors’s skin care range.
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Brand from Japan
Honest đánh giá are the best right? I bought this as I’m very spot prone but have sensitive dry skin. So I’m always on the hunt for moisture + spot treatment since anything that dries out spots make my skin so irritated & most spots worse.This comes in a beautiful blue glass bottle (like pictures) which I’m sure to lớn keep once I have run out.This sản phẩm has a very strong smell of ammonia & a little bit of flowery fragrance on vị trí cao nhất of it (which doesn’t make the initial smell better in any way but I guess they had lớn try!)Despite it having this strong smell it works on my skin lượt thích a dream! I’ve used it as my lotion after shaving (before hand I use a toner). It keeps my spots shay & also helps with the little pimples I get from shaving too close which is a first (I usually can’t prevent them only treat them - this sản phẩm changed this!). The texture is like water which made me double kiểm tra since I thought it was going to lớn be a lotion consistency. Once on the skin it does however feel more like a lotion than a toner.It’s worth mentioning that my partner tried this (oilier & non sensitive skin, usually) và he said it burned like hell so I would definitely recommend using a toner or lớn wait for a moment before putting it onto a freshly shaven face!Having used only Korean skincare so far I’m happy khổng lồ say that my first Japanese experience has been a joyful ride - will come back for more!