This eye cream is easy khổng lồ spread. It feels sticky and oily upon application. It does not sink in immediately maybe because it is heavier than gel eye creams.I have been using this for more than a year and I think there is still half of the hàng hóa left. A little does goes a long way, but I did not see any effect from using this other than hydration. I hope it will reduce the appearance of my dark circles but I think it doesn"t. It may be my fault to begin with since I stay up late every single day. Lol.

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I"m Allison & I am based in JB, Malaysia. I mainly blog about skincare products, hauls, food and my travel experience.

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I purchased all the skincare products myself (except for presents from family/friends) and all the skincare review are based on my honest opinion. As everyone has different skin types and preferences, what I love may not be suitable for everyone even if our skin type is the same. It is up khổng lồ you lớn decide whether a product is worth trying.

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