Merzy The First Velvet Tint Review

I"ve reviewed so much skincare lately so let"s bởi a makeup Đánh Giá for today. I will be reviewing the Merzy The First Velvet Tints. I got all of the six shades & I will also be doing swatches for you, loves!Merzy is a Korean brvà. This is the first time that I will be trying a product from them. I was amazed by how this tints worked. I feel lượt thích it deserves more attention or recognition just like the other brands. If you want to know why,then just keep reading! ;)Product Description★ Deep & strong cocktail color to lớn increase your confidence★ Fluffy velvet texture that gently fixes lớn your lip once applied★ Strong and long lasting won"t even fade after having a meal or coffee★ No dryness, no wrinkles, no dead skin occurring

This sản phẩm comes with a blaông xã box with Trắng details on it. It is simple & straightforward. The sản phẩm mô tả tìm kiếm on the box is written in Korean.

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Same with the other side, but this time it has a genuine product label of Merzy which can be verified through Hidden Tag.

I noticed that Merzy is more on black và simple packaging yet it looks stylish & sophisticated. The color of the Merzy label corresponds lớn the shade of the hàng hóa which is nice & convinient.

V1 Bloody Mary
- Ripe Tomato lớn Red (RED)V2 Jack Rose - Unripe Apple MLBB (PINK)V3 Cassis Orange - Fresh and Frizzy Orange Sodomain authority (CORAL)V4 Shirley Temple - Ruby Pomegranate (RED)V5 Peach Crush - Sweet và Fresh Peach Pink (CORAL)V6 Firenzi Negroni - Brick-colored wine (RED)Three shades are almost alượt thích, just different level of pink, coral, và red.

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Some of the shades are almost the same when applied on the lips. I"m not sure if you can notice it. Firenzi Negroni has a deeper red tone than Bloody Mary. I did not put Shirley Temple on full like the other swatches that is why it almost looks the same with Peach Crush but it is more on the red in reality & when applied on full lips. I only put a small amount và blover it with my finger.
True khổng lồ its claims, the pigmentation and color pay off of these tints are on the next level. I only used one layer with the swatches. It"s not drying on the lips. All of its sản phẩm claims are mostly true. It has a Peripera-lượt thích texture but it is more pigmented. What really amazed me is the longevity of the tints. To be honest, I had a hard time swatching them because it is so hard to lớn remove sầu (even with the Banila Co Clean It Zero Cleansing Balm!) It really stains và stays on the lips for hours. I swatched three tints in a day (different time) so the colors won"t overlap or mix with each other. One time, I wore this at around 4 o"cloông xã in the afternoon. I did not eat anything for dinner. I checked it at around 10 o"cloông xã in the evening & it is still there. Just minimal fading. It was for sure still on even when I slept. Haha! However, it fades after eating especially with oily foods.Firenzi Negroni is my favorite shade và my typical kind of (wine) red. These tintsdeserve more recognition! I"m not sure if the price is a disadvantage because it is a high-unique tint. It might be pricey khổng lồ others but this worth it.