Jane blundell artist: mission gold watercolours by mijello


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Mijello Mission Gold

Mijello is a Korean company who make Mission Gold watercolors. They come in 126 colors now. Their watercolors are made in traditional Korean pots. I absolutely love sầu knowing the process paints are made from. It actually does make a difference on how the paints react and how they last. I’ll be talking mostly about the Mijello Mission Gold 36 color phối.

I have sầu bought cheaper watercolors, & they were fun. However, there comes point when you want to lớn make some serious paintings with some serious paint that will hold up và have sầu the quality appearance. I can say now, through experience that you can feel và see the difference between high artist grade paint & lower quality watercolor paint. I’m not trying to lớn be s nob, and I still love sầu some cheaper watercolors, however, everyone needs a good artist quality phối in their collection.


I’ve wanted lớn try Mission Gold watercolors for a very long time. I had seen some of my favorite artists painting with them & I heard a lot of good things about them. Finally, I gave sầu in and bought their 36 color mix, This set came with a beautiful plastic pallet that has exactly 36 wells. 

There are several factors to look at who judging the unique of watercolor paint and when choosing a good mix.

Watercolor Factors when choosing your paint

High unique watercolors will be made with high chất lượng ingredients và have sầu higher amounts of pigments. 

When you look at tube of artist grade paint you will see a letter number full bộ và a lightfast rating. Mission Gold paints also include satin for staining and opaque levels. 

High unique watercolors are not made with a bunch of fillers. Lower quality paint will have fillers và even white paint added khổng lồ it lớn make it go further và lower the cost, The result of this is that your color unique will be compromised. You will also have khổng lồ work a lot harder khổng lồ create vibrancy & the màn chơi of color on the paper. 

Also, the general look of the paint will also be affected. Think of hair when it is freshly dyed, how rich & full of depth & color. Then think of hair when the color has faded và is long over due for a touch up. It is faded & pale and has lost its luster. To me, that is the difference between high chất lượng paint and low unique paint. Let me say one more time, there are cheaper brands that still put out great paint. I’m not a complete paint snob. However, these cheap paints still have fillers và less pigments. Or, lower chất lượng paint will also be made from several pigments altering the tome of the paint.


Some cheap paint does not even danh sách the pigments on the package. If it doesn’t danh sách things such as pigments and lightfast ratings then you cannot count on it being lightfast. 

When it comes lớn pigments, lower unique will result in dull colors & will affect how the paint spreads & reacts on the paper. It can spread to lớn thinly and lift too easily. 


A good watercolor will be made will good binders lower quality paints will be made with synthetic binders & sub standard binders. 

If you have sầu a low quality binder the paint pigments can smear right off the page. The way the paint blends & spears will also be affected. Lower chất lượng binders will mean the paint does not spread out evenly, it can have sầu harsher edges, và they will not blkết thúc as well.

Good chất lượng pigments & binder combination will mean you the paint will blover & not have sầu patches of splotchiness.


Lightfast rating lets you know how the color of your paint will hold up over time. There are some colors that vì not have a good lightfast rating no matter what br& bởi to the nature of the color. Neon colors opera rose, violets have low light fast qualities. Colors that are made from earth pigments such as minerals, rocks, and gemstones. 

Mijello MIssion Gold ingredients


Mijello has five mission statements. 

1.The first is pigments. They specialize in bringing the finest pigments from around the world to lớn ensure superb lightfastness và vivid colors.

2. màu sắc uniformity consistent color strength và formation.

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3. Exceptional Solvency. This means you can easily reactivate your paints from dry khổng lồ wet. 

4. Non-toxic và Non-chemical additives. This is really important to me. I don’t lượt thích the idea of something I love making me siông chồng. I stopped using certain oil paints because of the harmful fumes. When I’m painting inside I don’t want to danger myself or my family. Mijello states that they vị not use harmful chemicals or gummy thickening agents và they are able to lớn provide unparalleled color & vibrancy.

5. Cadmium không lấy phí Cosmetic grade Preservatives. Mission watercolors bởi vì not have cadmium colors nor do they add formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is linked khổng lồ cancer & is actually in a lot of products we use. I first became aware of it when I saw a warning label on a yoga mat. Then after some retìm kiếm I found out that formaldehyde is used way too much. I love sầu these paints partly because they don’t have these chemicals. I am striving lớn be as non-toxic as possible in my lifestyle.

Mission Gold states that they are “colors found in nature.” They are handmade and aged in traditional Korean pots khổng lồ achieve their brilliant color và lớn reach the igiảm giá khuyến mãi thickening stage without the need go artificial thickening against. 

Vibrancy & màu sắc Shift


Bright, vibrant colors is once of the most important aspects lớn me when choosing paint. Often, when I find paint with bright colors they don’t have a good lightfast rating, or they don’t have sầu the brilliance I want và over up looking a little cheap. 

That is certainly not the case with Mijello Mission Goal Watercolors. The paint & color is luscious. There is very little color shift. màu sắc shift refers lớn how the paint looks when it is wet & first applied versus how it looks once it is dry. Mission Gold paints have sầu a vibrancy that looks beautiful both wet và dry và, it has a beautiful look & sheen. It does not have sầu a chalky or dull appliance which can happen with lower quality, cheaper paints. 


The lightfast ratings are all pretty good. The colors, Bright Violet and Bright Opera have sầu the lowest ratings, which is to be expected as those colors have sầu low lightfast ratings regardless of br&. The pigment is not a lightfast pigment and you should be aware of this when creating your artwork.


These paints are non-granulating. Some people like granulation, some people don’t. Granulation refers lớn the way the pigment particles react on the paper. Granulating paint will have uneven sedimentary areas of pigment particles. This can create a very interesting texture. However, if you lượt thích your paints more smooth than you may not want it. It’s all a matter of style. I tend khổng lồ paint more with non-granulating paint. 

Màu sắc Mixing

So far, I have been absolutely delighted with the way the Mijello Mission Gold colors mix. I love playing around và seeing the colors I can create. The vibrancy of these paints makes it even more fun. 

I’m in love with the skin tone colors I have been able khổng lồ create. They are deep & rich và beautiful. 


I have sầu been able to create beautiful layers with these paints. I love sầu building up layers, that is the beauty of watercolors. These paints work with you as you create layers & vì not fight you. 

You can create light layers và build on them as you choose. This paint is easy to make light or more opaque. It’s a delight khổng lồ play and paint with.

Overall Palette

The colors that are included in the Mijello Mission Gold 36 color set are very well chosen. You get a variety of warm & cool hues in all the primary colors. A lovely assortment of green & earth tones. You should be able lớn create anything you want with this palette. You have actually more than enough lớn create wonderful works of art 

Overall Thoughts


I wish I would have sầu bought the Mijello Mission Gold 36 color mix sooner. They fit me and my style perfectly. I love the bright colors, the chất lượng of the paint và the appearance once dry. If you’re a vibrant color lover like me & you want unique paints then Mijello Mission Gold is a great option for. 

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