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After I have posted my Seoul Haul (if you"re interested, here is the link: My Seoul Haul), a lot of the comments requested me khổng lồ try on the Missha 7 days hair treatment. So without further ado, here comes the reviews a lot of people are waiting for!

My hair is deep brown (almost black). I have been rebonding và perming it constantly, so I can"t say that they"re untouched, và I colored it 5 yrs ago too(using the Etude House Bubble Hair Color, if that counts :sweat_smile: ).

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My friend actually saw this sản phẩm first before I did while wandering around Myeongdong và convinced me to try it with her (she got the purple shade). However, she got too excited & tried it on the very next day and (surprise,surprise) her haircolor didn"t change.

(Btw, her hair color is an orange-y blonde shade.)

That let me down so much. How will I make this màu sắc stick khổng lồ my hair when I have really dark locks?


I got this for ₩ 3,000 (approximately $3)



The treatment is enclosed in a toothbrush-like manner, but the material is more plastic(ky?). The cap is resealable so you can use it more than once if you have short locks.



This product contains 3 different types of alcohol: Cetearyl, Isopropyl, Benzyl, và a high nội dung of mineral oil, so I guess this isn"t for those with sensitive scalp. If you are looking for a natural dye/treatment, this isn"t for you.

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After shampooing, towel dry your hair & then apply the hair treatment/dye with gloves. Leave it on for 5-10 mins depending on your preference. Rinse it.

I didn"t follow the rules and waited for more than an hour before rinsing the dye because I am hoping that it might still work!


The treatment is a very gooey, bright red paste. I vì admit that I also didn"t use gloves, but it was easily removed when I washed my hands twice.


(Left: white light, Right: natural light)

Hooray! The treatment gave me a slight change in màu sắc whenever there is sunlight. :joy: It is also slightly visible indoors, but you always have to lớn put it under the lights for it to lớn be seen. My friends haven"t seen any difference tho. :confounded:

For reference, this was my hair màu sắc last night:

(So sorry I"ve recycled this pic from another blog post. I forgot to take a before picture. I was that excited!)

So I think the dye worked on me?


I admit that I really got disappointed when I saw my friend"s hair after she tried this và nothing happened. Maybe when she left it for more than an hour, then we"ll see her purple hair. But since, it worked for me (through & hour"s worth of patience), I think this is an okay product. I"ll just try khổng lồ make this last.



This sản phẩm is okay for me. I"m just subtracting some points because it took awhile before I managed lớn have the color stick lớn my hair, and even then, it wasn"t that obvious. There was a màu sắc comparison that I saw somewhere in the internet where you"ll be able khổng lồ see how bright your color will be if you follow the instructions depending on how dark your hair is, but I don"t think that is accurate enough as (like I have been reiterating throughout this review) it took me an hour khổng lồ have some changes in my hair color.

Thank you so much for following & reading yet another post filled with my inner thoughts, comments & violent reactions. I hope you are always happy and healthy. Annyeong!