Dare lip tint moist velvet


Hello everyone. I am bachồng with another post. This time i will talk shortly about some of the lip products i own from Missha.

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First of all i must admit that i got them because of the packaging. I really lượt thích how it looks like: simple yet pretty with the coloured strip that will show which colour it is. Pretty useful i could say.

It is a lip tint that is pignented, has a cooling effect for few seconds when is apllied on the lips, easy to lớn apply & most important for me i love the interesting texture it has. Almoust like a mousse. It"s not a watery liptint like most of the tints out there.


Here it is how it looks like.

The order is.. (unfortunately these liptints dont have sầu a nr or a name in english so i tried to lớn translate it as correct as possible.

First colour is called Madeline Pink 마들렌 핑크.

Second colour is Baby Fox 베이비 폭스.

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And last that i own for now (i intend to buy more shades in the future ) is Milk Gelato lớn 밀크 젤라또.

These are my current favorite lip products. Are not drying on the lips but still i must use a lipbalm ahead anyway. The colour will fade away slowly if you eat or drink but it is not completly gone.

It is a quite decent sản phẩm for the cheap price which i think it would be around 5$ each. My only complain is the colours avaliable. I wish they had more shades lượt thích some neutral shades or mauve sầu & burgundy shades. All that is now available are shades of pink, red & orange.

I will add the other 2 lip products that i have from this brand. These are lipsticks.

The Syrup Painting Rouge in nr SRD01 i think it is. It"s a very pigmented slightly thick formula of glossy liquid lipstichồng. It is this red-orange shade that was quite in trkết thúc this summer in seoul even for nails. (Whoever dared lớn wear red nailpolish. the ladies here tover to avoid red nails ^^" ) it is an ok sản phẩm.a bit too thichồng for my taste but still a nice bold bright colour.

Second lipstiông chồng is i think called Signature Glam Art Rouge which i got it lượt thích last year or so. This one was a bit more expensive. The packaging is beautiful imitating a more high brvà that i won"t mention. The colour is this beautiful burgundy wine colour which is perfect for fall season or winter. I noticed that i tkết thúc to lớn wear this one the most often. It is not drying on the lips it goes on nicely.

Here is a better photo of the how the shades look lượt thích in real life (i am sorry, but it"s raining currently in seoul so the lightning is really bad)