안녕하세요 Beautiful People on the Internet! I am back with another review, since I have so many products to lớn review. For the last couple of years I have been interested in matte lipsticks especially liquid ones, since I watch a lot of U.S youtube videos và everyone used matte liquid lipsticks. Ever since, I tried out sản phẩm but I never found a hàng hóa that I really liked but then I found this, Missha’s Matt Painting Rouge.

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I had my eyes on them for a while and I finally got my hands on it this year. The price is 10,800 won (around $10), but it is regularly discounted. So when it was on sale at half price, I had to lớn get it. This sản phẩm was the first hàng hóa that didn’t dry my lips out lượt thích crazy while not applying to lớn thick on my lips, which most Korean liquids did at the time. But it is still a matte lipstick, my dead dry lips need lipbalm before I apply it. Besides being dry, the ingredients are great since my lips don’t feel lượt thích they’re going through chemical burn.

The disappointing thing was that Missha didn’t put out the shades that I was interested in và is slowly starting to lớn push out the line now. At first it had 6 shades then after the matte lipsticks started khổng lồ become popular they had more, but it currently came down back lớn 6. So I really feel that they are going khổng lồ get rid of the line soon. The reason I didn’t get it at first was because there were no shades that caught my eye and I really didn’t feel any shades when I went to lớn swatch them.

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But got around to it andbought the shade Without You(OR02 위드아웃 유). I fell so much in love with it I bought another shade & after looking at some photos for a while, I realized that some of the products have bent applicators. But they’re not that faulty, there is no problem to lớn applying it on. But it could be a bit bothersome, like it is for me.

Another uncomfortable thing I felt while using it was the packaging. It is a plastic bottle that has a glass blurred look, which I absolutely love. But the bottle is a bit bulky for 5.5g of lip product. If you put a whole lot of things và have a bulky day lớn day makeup pouch lượt thích me, it will not help you zip your bulky pouch up. The đứng đầu part of the bottle, where you twist out your applicator is also a bit weak & can easily break so you shouldn’t twist it too hard when you xuất hiện or close it. (Luckily mine hasn’t broken off yet.)

Despite the little stuff, the hàng hóa itself is great!I really enjoyed using it especially this Summer, & I even bought a new tint to lớn use with it. Without You is a warm toned red with a hint of orange(even though you can’t see a hint of that orange in the pic). It is a great shade to lớn use in Spring và Summer, & goes really well with warm toned eyeshadowed looks. I also lượt thích to use it in the Winter as well when I wear a bright warm sweater.

I don’t know if I can repurchase it, since I feel like Missha would have gotten rid of the whole line by the time I finish Without You. But I intend on finishing the product, since I lượt thích it so much. Luckily for me, there are a lot of matte liquid lipstick products out there, so I can find a similar product.

So this is the end of my review. I hope you enjoyed my it & it has helped you somehow. If you have any other questions about this hàng hóa feel không tính tiền to leave a phản hồi below or send me a DM