Today I"m gonna nói qua with you a mascara sản phẩm from Missha. Frankly, I isn"t a big fan of mascara. Before this, I tried mascara products which are way too heavy và clumpy when applied on, which feels like my lashes are tons heavier. And another problem I had was some products are easy to apply, yet difficult khổng lồ remove.

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Now, don"t underestimate it because this could be life-changing. Let"s begin with its design & I"ll explain lớn you along the way.
Missha"s The Style 4 chiều Mascara |미샤 더 스타일 4d 마스카라 | 7g

First of all, I really lượt thích its sleek-straight design, which makes it easier to lớn carry in bag/pouch. You know, sometimes mascara products come in fancy-funny designs. Well, I prefer it to be simple and classic, just lượt thích Missha
"s did here.

As expected from its long packaging, the mascara wand is long as well. It doesn"t really bothers me, but maybe some might think longer wand gives less grip while applying the mascara. It really depends on your preference thou :/

Let"s take a closer look at the brush itself. See the tiny gaps between the bristle? That"s perfectly explains why it can effectively brushes over and coats mascara on our lashes, especially for those who have scarce thin & short lashes, just like mine.

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Well, according to its hàng hóa description, it is made out of plant-wax which not only skin-friendly, but also provides nutrients to lớn the lashes. To a certain point, I vì notice my lashes are getting longer, thicker and stronger after a period of consistent usage of the product (more than 1 month). Does every mascara has this "hidden-ability"?? I don"t know T^T
Okay, let"s try it on! :D Trust me, you cannot rush the process. To lớn get the best out of it, brush or comb your lashes evenly and patiently, that"s the golden rule.


You can always địa chỉ cửa hàng 2~3 coats of mascara in order lớn get the dramatic look. But most of the times, I"ll just go with one, just enough to lớn intensify my natural lashes.
In fact, Missha has another mascara hàng hóa which looks exactly the same as this one here; it is non-other than The Style 3 chiều Mascara. I think the most significant difference between these 2 products is the shape of the brush: one is triangular-shaped và another is square-shaped (as below).
For a makeup beginner like myself, I really enjoy this product because of its light-weighed and long lasting formula, which makes it a perfect nhà cửa for daily makeup. Another bonus is that, it is waterproof too!Most of all, it costs only RM16 if you buy from Althea! (aboutKRW3,300if you buy from Korea). Where on earth can you get such good mascara product at such affordable price? Many YouTubers also recommended this product. But of course, I wouldn"t consider it khổng lồ be "the ultimate mascara product" since it doesn"t provide volume effect :s
In collaboration with LINE Friends, Missha"s The Style 3D & 4D Mascara are also available in another packaging. So don"t be confused :3
Do giới thiệu your thoughts after reading this product review and/or your personal review with me in the phản hồi box below as I really want lớn hear from you``` :)
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