Missha All Around Safe Block Waterproof Sun Milk &Ndash; Beauty & Seoul


I did a major sunscreen haul this summer because I moved abroad và looked forward towards having a more active lifestyle than I had in Chicago! Missha has long been my favorite brvà of sunscreens và this particular product quickly became a cult favorite for the season.

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Missha is one of the big names in the South Korean beauty industry, offering a variety of lines lớn cater towards the budget conscious & luxury items, along with creating cheaper dupes or high-end brvà lượt thích SK-II và Estee Lauder. I also consider Missha lớn be the master of cosmetic sunscreens.

Missha also appears to lớn be involved in some sustainability efforts, such as recycling program for environment protection & “assist neglected & estranged neighbors”. I have followed up with Missha, who has great customer service, for further clarification on the latter và I will update one I have sầu more information.


This is a combination chemical-physical sunscreen that offers UVA & UVB protection. It is advertised as being waterproof & sweat-resistant. This is designed for sebum control on oily or combination skin so it may be drying for certain skin types, but my dry skin only had occasional issues with this hàng hóa.


This type of sản phẩm is for AM routines only và would be applied towards the over of a skincare routine. There is some debate whether chemical sunscreens should be applied before or after moisturizer, certain chemical sunscreen compounds are shown lớn be activated by skin contact & recommended lớn be applied before moisturizer.

My perspective sầu with sunscreen, as well as most skincare: Do not get overwhelmed with routine order, it is probably better to have the product on your face than not at all. So this sunscreen will either be the last or 2nd to lớn last step in your routine!



This a milk sunscreen so it is more of a liquid instead of cream sunscreen that I usually gravitate towards. Despite the fluidity, the application is much easier to lớn control than other fluid sunscreens I have tried. I find this khổng lồ have a pearl, matte finish though I have seen some Reviews refer to this as chalky.


White Cast

Reference: My MAC shade is NC20

The White cast is very noticeable, but it definitely is not the worst Trắng cast of sunscreens I have tried. However, the White cast does not dissipate with time so I either have khổng lồ wear makeup or just really not care. This isn’t ikhuyến mãi for me since I bought this with the intention of using it on the beach & jogging, basically situations where I would not want khổng lồ be wearing foundation. I would be concerned that this may appear ashy on darker skin tones as well.


The smell is very light, it reminds me of baby powder. It is a far cry from the chemical scent of many sunscreens và even though I bởi vì not prefer the scent of the sản phẩm, it definitely is not overwhelming.

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The packaging is functional, the only interference is the packaging is hard plastic instead of silicone. This packaging does look more luxurious than the Missha AASB Essence Sun và the formula is so fluid that the hàng hóa just pours out, but the hard plastic is very difficult to lớn squeeze và may be more of an issue with there is not much hàng hóa is left.


This is the standard kích thước of the sản phẩm, but it does come in a bigger bottle. This is different in comparison to lớn Missha’s other sunscreens since 70ml is their standard form size for their other facial sunscreens instead of 30ml.


My main purpose for purchasing a waterproof sunscreen is because I am a relatively active human và I am extra active in the summer. I go jogging, roông xã climbing, hiking & I love sầu lounging on the beach or working outside on my balcony.

I immediately began questioning the “waterproof” durability of this formula. I initially began noticing some issues with irritability và burning sensations in my eyes. I have a few eye minor eye issues so they are always watering & I have sầu khổng lồ put in drops a couple times a day. I have noticed the eye irritation issues when I would go jogging after applying this hàng hóa as well.

This could be completely coincidental & there are certain ingredient that just irritate my eyes, but I only have sầu this reaction when I am doing sweaty or water-based activities. I will note that I have worn this hiking this summer và I have not gotten sunburned any of the times I have used this hàng hóa.

Another issue I had was extra dryness in my skin if I used this hàng hóa multiple days in a row. I went on a two-week trip và I only packed this sunscreen, my face began feeling slightly drier than usual và minor flaking after 4-5 days. Now I make sure only to lớn use this hàng hóa when I am doing an activity where I need a waterproof formula và I have sầu not encountered any major issues when I use this as an occasional product instead of a regular step in my routine.

The Makeup Test

This hàng hóa does have a fairly svào whitecast, as I mentioned previously. It is a whitecast that tends to lớn linger so I either need to wear foundation or just khuyến mãi with looking lượt thích Capser the Chalky Ghost for the day. This product absolutely does not interfere with makeup layering though, which is a major benefit to lớn this sunscreen.