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It’s pampering time again, ladies! This time, I’m writing about Mediheal’s Aquaring mask. I’ve been using this variant on and off for quite a while now but never got around lớn blogging about it. Today’s the day so give my Mediheal NMF Aquaring Ampoule Mask reviews some love.


All About Mediheal’s Aquaring Ampoule Mask

I always thought that when ampoules were mentioned in the context of beauty products that they would be capsules containing some serum or essence. So imagine my confusion when I bought this packet & read the sản phẩm name.

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After some delving into Google, it turns out that I was half right. A beauty ampoule won’t come in a capsule, but it IS a highly-concentrated version of a serum. A serum, similar to lớn essence, is a highly nourishing skincare product that addresses skin problems lượt thích dark spots, dry skin, ageing skin, và so on.

Here’s a rather oversimplified explanation of what serum & essence is. Think of your moisturizer và supercharge that up. What you’ll get is essence và serum. The difference between the two from what I’ve noticed is that essence tend to be fluid và water-based while serums tend to lớn be gooey and oilier.

Now, take your serum & supercharge that up again. What you get is an ampoule. It’s got higher concentrations of active ingredients, & because it’s very strong, you can only use it for a limited time each time unlike my essence and serum which I use nightly as per my Korean ten-step facial regimen.

While ampoules usually come in glass bottles with glass droppers, Mediheal’s is an ampoule mask. Interesting, huh?

Now let’s see what yummy goodness goes in an Aquaring ampoule mask.

The ingredients menu is really long but the above are the highlights for me.

Now if you’re not new lớn skin care, you know how these products promise you amazing beauty results that if we were khổng lồ believe them for a minute, you’d think we’d turn into a Sisley or an Estée Lauder mã sản phẩm overnight. We know that’s not the case but still, one hopes that they WILL work in at least some small measure.


It’s REALLY moisturizing


I had excess liquid dripping on my bedspread

Mediheal wasn’t joking around when they labeled the Aquaring Ampoule mask their moisturizing variant. Heck, it is REALLY chockfull of moisturizing agents.

The first time I opened a packet, the liquid just squirted out & landed on my leg. I felt immediately aggrieved about the loss but I needn’t have worried. There was a LOT of it so that even when I had the mask in place, I had a lot of ampoule liquid left over for my neck, elbows, and knees.

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There was definitely more nourishing liquid inside this Mediheal packet compared to lớn the black Morita face mask.

Once the twenty minutes are up, I always regret taking off the mask because it’s still moist & I’m a cheapskate. My face was starting khổng lồ feel hot & tingly though so that was a big sign for me to chuck the used mask, but not before I had swiped it on my rather dry legs. (Can’t waste the good stuff!)

Feeling my face, it felt very moisturized after as promised, và well into the next day.

It is brightening

While I fully expected lớn get my face moisturized, I wasn’t really expecting to have better complexion after. I did though and the skin on my face looked lượt thích a better version of itself.

I’ll digress a bit but I’ll share how when I go out, I cheat a bit by putting on some foundation & opaque sunscreen. It’s only a thin base but it helps lớn hide my small blemishes and imperfections. It makes my skin look clear và almost-flawless. Thanks khổng lồ my rosacea, it has the side effect of giving me a rather pinkish blush on my cheeks. I’ve gotten lots of compliments this way and it makes me feel good every time.

I recounted this because that’s how I looked after my Aquaring face mask session. It looked lượt thích I was wearing my makeup and I really looked good. My face looked bright and clear even though I had on a naked face.

Repeated use reduced skin redness


I tried to lớn photograph a less scary face but it turned out this way.

I noticed it the first time I used it but it was more prominent after several uses – these face masks calm down the redness of my face. I have rosacea so I always have some inflammation on my face going on, particularly around the sides of my nose và near my eyebrows. After two to lớn three spaced days of using the NMF Aquaring Ampoule mask, the swelling & redness lessened.

I’m not an expert but I’m going khổng lồ hazard a guess that it’s the HA, the PGA, & the boswellia serrata and mushroom extracts that helped.

The scent is subtle and pleasing

I am very sensitive to perfume because of my allergies but I never have to worry when it comes khổng lồ most Korean face masks, especially Mediheal. Their face masks come in subtle scents and they almost don’t register on your brain.

This Aquaring ampoule, in particular, doesn’t smell lượt thích any fruit or vegetable I can identify. If anybody knows the scent, please tell me. It smells good though & it hasn’t mix off my allergies.

The mask fits my face well

It’s not a perfect fit but it’s just the right size. Some masks are too big & the edges over up in my hair.

If you have difficulty applying the mask, the trick is not lớn panic. Okay, I panicked a bit when the liquid wouldn’t stop dripping off my fingers but try khổng lồ remain calm. Unfold the mask all the say & then stick on the mask on your forehead first. Adjust the holes for the eyes, nose, và then the mouth. Once you’ve got it centered, pat on the rest of the mask & smooth the edges.

That’s it!

Don’t worry about how you look. We all look lượt thích something out of a horror movie in face masks.