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NYX HD Photogenic Concealer Wand

NYX HD Photogenic Concealer Wand($5) is a lightweight concealer that covers under-eye circles và imperfections on the face without looking cakey or obvious.It"s non-comedogenic, so it won"t clog your pores. Available in (8) skin shades và (3) color correcting shades.

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The NYX HD Concealer is actually one of NYX"s best selling products và it"s a hàng hóa that I"ve seen recommended countless times.I purchased the shade CW05 Medium, which is described as a medium beige with olive undertones. I don"t know about olive, but the shade is very peachy with a hint of pink. In MAC concealers I always use the shade NW25 và it"s a pretty good equivalent - NYX has a stronger peach tone though, which works really well for counteracting under-eye darkness. Don"t judge the shade by what the tube looks like from the outside because it looks much lighter than it really is. I also find that the color oxidizes a bit shortly after application.The concealer has a light/thin, creamy, velvety texture và dries to lớn a semi-matte finish. It smooths on easily và blends out really well. Some compare the texture to lớn MAC Select Moisturecover Concealer, but it"s definitely not as wet/liquidy. I find it to be most comparable lớn Nars Radiant Concealer, but it"s not as budge-proof as Nars. Nars dries down quickly, whereas NYX doesn"t fully set without the help of a powder.The first few times I used this concealer, I didn"t like it. It looked dry, almost ashy and obvious. With all of the positive đánh giá, I was persistent to lớn get it lớn work for me. It turned out that all I needed was some eye cream (or any moisturizer) prior lớn applying the concealer. The results were a day and night difference.I always make sure lớn apply a moisturizer khổng lồ my under-eye area and then I wipe a generous amount of concealer under both of my eyes straight from the applicator. I don"t blkết thúc it out right away - I"ll usually dot my foundation all over my face & then take a beauty blender& blkết thúc my foundation in and then lastly, blover in my concealer with light, patting motions. I blover my concealer last lớn give the concealer a little time khổng lồ set on my skin so when I finally blover it out, the coverage is a bit fuller. Also, the foundation residue from my sponge will help blkết thúc the concealer with my foundation. Sometimes I"ll add an extra layer of concealer and blover with my finger tips & phối with a powder (Ben Nye Neutral Set, of course!)

The coverage is medium & is buildable to full. When phối with a powder, it lasts all day without creasing. If I don"t mix it, it will settle in my fine lines that I didn"t even know existed.I"ve been using this concealer every day for the past couple of weeks và I have no complaints! It conceals, it brightens, it lasts. This concealer is definitely one of the better ones at the drugstore.


As a side note, the initial reason I purchased this concealer was so that my under-eyes wouldn"t look ghostly white with flash photography because I was attending a night (indoor) wedding. My favorite concealers all contain SPF, so I was curious to lớn try an actual "HD" concealer. Needless lớn say, it worked extremely well and had no flashback in the photos. My makeup looked really natural, as I wanted it.

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Would I recommover this concealer? Heông chồng yes! For the price, it"s a great buy. And, if it doesn"t work well for you under the eyes, it works really well on blemishes.

The Round-Up

Pros: LightweightApplies smoothlyBlends easily with the fingersMedium coverage that is buildable lớn fullBrightens the under-eyesPhotographs wellCons: Could be more hydrating - I highly recommend applying an eye cream prior to lớn application if you have dry skin.Can settle in fine lines if it"s not phối properly with powder.Price: $5, Ulta and nyxcosmetics.com.