Old school new body review

In this article of the Old School New body toàn thân Review, I’ll be going over all you need khổng lồ know so you can decide whether this program is right for you! But before I jump into the details, I have something that I must confess so you understand where I’m coming from and the basis of my review.

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Consider this fact:

Obesity has become a common trait among the middle-aged.Statisticsby the CDC show that between the ages of 39 – 59, more than 40% of persons are obese.

Most people will try to lớn avoid owning up khổng lồ that fact, but at this age, we’re all a bit out of shape và have started looking old!

The great news is that we can change this easily with proper nutrition, great sleep every night và this fantastic fitness program:Old School New Bodyby Steve Holman & Becky Holman‎.

The truth is… I never knew that I could turn my life around both mentally & physically. I looked like I skipped 40 & jumped straight lớn 50 or 60 years old when I should’ve been in the prime of my life. Looking back now, I never knew how much simple lifestyle changes và the old school new toàn thân exercises could reverse my story in just seven short months!

Yea… you read that right!

A few months ago November 16th to be exact, just a week after my 42nd birthday I had just returned from my yearly doctors visit with devastating news! My blood pressure had been on a constant high, & I was overweight by about 78 pounds.

To make matters worse, my doctor warned me that I was borderline diabetic! and I will need khổng lồ start taking medications for my blood pressure and diabetes if things didn’t sort itself out by the next visit. To cut short my long story,… I decided khổng lồ take matters into my own hands before it was too late! and this decision changed my life when I stumbled on all the information in Old School New Body. I’ll be completely honest with you; this program has some cons that go against some of the hype và lies you see in other reviews. I’ll tell you more about that later on.

PS. My Journey with this program continues down below so read on!


The Old School New toàn thân system is a comprehensive workout regimen that offers easy lớn follow instructions for exercises and diet. The basic principle behind the exercises is lớn use moderate weight lớn achieve a resistance focused or high fatigue workout. Using moderate weights while exercising produces less joint stress & is especially beneficial for persons over 40. In addition to lớn the exercise, the program also includes some very detailed but easy lớn follow nutrition guidelines.

If you have limited time and aren’t interested in current fad diets, then this program will be a trò chơi changer. By spending just 90 minutes each week following the F4X Training System, you can start reversing how your toàn thân ages immediately. In 2 weeks I started to see & feel changes in my body. Thinking back now, I was desperate for change, so my results came a bit faster than for others.

How’s that possible?

By ingesting the correct foods & doing the right exercises, your body will stop deteriorating and start healing immediately! Sounds hard khổng lồ believe? It’s not; I went from feeling tired every day, having constant headaches và joint pain lớn feeling alive than I ever did in a month. More details about that later on in the old school new toàn thân review section.

Old School New toàn thân exercises are excellent if you are interested in the following:

Burn Stubborn toàn thân Fat.Strengthening your joints.Slow Down your body’s aging process.Develop and Maintain Lean Muscles.

The F4X training system is a great way lớn increase your bodies metabolism và put you back on the path lớn health.Click here to visit the website.

Who are the authors of Old-School New Body?

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Steve Holman & Becky Holman are the authors behind the old school new body toàn thân workout program. Both are veterans of the weight loss & fitness world and have been in the business for numerous years. Steve Holman has been working with Iron Man Magazine for more than 25 years as the chief editor. He has composed over 20 books on nutrition and weight training. He has also written hundreds of trang web articles on muscle building.

Becky Holman has been a contributor to Iron Man Magazine for over ten years và has also written many articles on nutrition & lifestyle. They have both been married for over 28 years and have two daughters together. With both authors of old school new body being as experienced as they are in their field; the program became an overall successful one! Adding on to lớn the fact that OSNB is probably one of the cheapest workout programs online.

Old School New toàn thân Review – All You Need khổng lồ Know

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After doing all the exercises, changing my diet, and reading almost all the other old school new body toàn thân reviews online. I can safely write this nhận xét and diffuse some of the hype & lies you may have seen other places. Most of the nhận xét don’t cover all you need to know about this program, so I’ll tell you what you need lớn know. The program can be summarized into two main parts;The Workout,and Diet.

Of the two sections, most other nhận xét will tell you that the exercise is the most prominent part. That is because most of the nội dung covers the workouts as you can see in the image below. Click here todownload old school new body toàn thân pdf.

But, that’s only half the story…The fact is that your diet is just as important if not more important than the exercises. Because the diet coverage was so limited, I ended up viewing this program in a slightly skeptical manner.

More about that later. They also pitch that this workout can be great for everyone from seniors khổng lồ teens whether male or female. But I disagree with this as everyone is different and my results may not be your results seeing that age, genes, và hormones play a huge role in metabolism. The theory fits everyone but the results will vary! The main focus of the exercise section is the F4X Protocol.

What is F4X System?

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In the first chapter of old school new body, the F4X Training System: Turning Fat Into Muscle introduces the background và basis of the program. F4X stands for Focus 4’Four’ Exercises. In this part of the program, the theory of how the F4X releases the muscle growth hormones are detailed.

The goal of the F4X training system is to expend more cumulative effort throughout your exercise. To do this means you rely on increasing reps và shorter breaks instead of lifting heavyweights that could cause permanent muscle and joint injuries.

For exercise beginners & older individuals, this khung of exercise is often more effective in toning the body toàn thân and reversing aging than lifting heavy weights.

First chapter- F4X Training System: Turning Fat Into Muscle

Image source: shape.com

In the first chapter of old school new body, the F4X Training System: Turning Fat Into Muscle introduces the background and basis of the program. F4X stands for Focus 4’Four’ Exercises. In this part of the program, the theory of how the F4X releases the muscle growth hormones are detailed. The goal of the F4X training system is to lớn expend more cumulative effort throughout your exercise. To vày this means you rely on increasing reps and shorter breaks instead of lifting heavyweights that could cause permanent muscle & joint injuries. For exercise beginners & older individuals, this khung of exercise is often more effective in toning the body and reversing aging than lifting heavy weights.

So to vị the F4X System exercises, you should follow these steps:

Set 1:Find a weight that you can vì 15 reps with, but instead of doing 15 reps only do 10. After each set, you should rest 30- 40 Seconds.Set 2:Ten more reps with the same weight. Rest 30 – 40 seconds. Set 3:Do another ten reps. Rest 30-40 seconds at most. Set 4:Try to vày as many reps as possible until you can’t bởi vì anymore.

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If you find that you can achieve more than ten reps on mix 4, you should increase the weight for the next workout or increase the reps by 1.See the screenshot of the exact F4X method below.

Sounds simple right? It not as simple as it seems! When I first started, I thought I would be able to lớn push through all four sets with ease but the last phối I only managed to do six reps. The great thing is because the weights weren’t very heavy it didn’t put too much stress on my muscles & joints. And it still left me with the feeling that I did work my muscles.

Chapter 2: Covers The F4X Lean Workout – Your 20-Minute Belly Fat Blow Torch

In the F4X Lean Workout, you’ll be focusing on four basic exercises: Squats, Bench Press, Bent Over Rows, and Upright Rows. These exercises will take approximately 30 minutes of your time each day, & you only need to do them three days each week. You will still follow the F4X Exercise method of 10 reps with 30 – 40 seconds break in between each set and pushing for as many reps on the last.

Chapter 3: Focuses on Joint Rejuvenation – Pain miễn phí Sanity

This chapter will teach you quite a bit about some eating habits you can change và additional exercises you can use to help relieve joint pain. The primary joint pain areas this part touches on are the back, knees, & shoulders. If you have pain in any of those areas & wonder if you’ll be able khổng lồ follow the old school new body program, then they have you covered.

Chapter 4: Focuses on Motivation.

This section helped set me back on track the most of all parts of the program. Without setting out a Promise lớn yourself, being committed & fulfilling change you won’t succeed. They provide added evidence on how weight lifting releases increase life expectancy và reverse aging process. The chapter has a lot of useful information on how lớn set goals and how to stay on target to achieve them. They also included terrific references và studies you can look into for more information và motivation.

Chapter 5: F4X Automatic Cardio and the Forgotten Key to lớn Leanness

This chapter covers more on why the F4X is a great program & also dispels some myths that you may have about weight lifting. The truth is that most people will assume that weight lifting only builds muscle. While that is true, weightlifting is also great for effectively burning fat. And also increasing your body’s ability to burn more calories while at rest.

Chapter 6: Transformation Sensation: Breaking Out of Chub Club

I’d say this chapter is mainly about the fantastic transformation of Steve’s wife, Becky Holman. The section gives full details about what she went through from being a 40 something-year-old mother of two girls to now looking like a fitness model. One thing I want to căng thẳng is even though the exercises sculpt và transform your body, it’s the diet that brings about the change in health. I was expecting a lot more emphasis khổng lồ be placed on the nutrition aspect but was disappointed. Luckily information on correct nutrition is easy khổng lồ be found online. & the program would be more expensive if they added more.

Chapter 7: The F4X Shape Workout: Lard-to-Hard Blast-Off

The second part of the F4X Training System starts in chapter seven. By the time you start doing the shape workouts, you should have lost a few pounds already. It took me about seven weeks before I started doing the shape workouts. The F4X Shape Workouts focuses on muscle toning instead of strengthening. It contains the lean workout with more detailed workouts such as:

Deadlifts – These are great for your back & glutes.Dumbbell Flys – These are great for Chest và Tricep muscles.Cable Pulldowns – Focuses on your back và arm muscles.Machine Rows – Also focuses on your back and arms.

Chapter 8: The F4X All-Dumbbell Workout: Instant At-Home, New toàn thân Solution

The one thing that concerned many other consumers & me was whether these exercises could be done at home. This chapter will cover that concern. If you don’t want to, or can’t make it to a gym, then you can still purchase and follow the old school new body toàn thân workouts at home. The only downside is that you will need to lớn purchase a dumbbell set if you do not have one already. I’m sure most people do, but if you don’t know, then any one of these are great additions lớn your home:kettlebells,Dumbbells,Bowflex.

Chapter 9: Lean Machine Diet: Facts and Fallacies

This chapter of Old School New body talks about excessive carbohydrate intake và how it impacts weight gain and weight loss. Critical Takeaways in this chapter is:

To not eat too many carbs.Not working out enough.Sustaining steady levels of insulin each day apart from after your exercise sessions.

Chapter 10: Eat More, thất bại Fat, Build Muscle

They have covered exercise in depth, I’d say it leaves nothing lacking in that regard, but on nutrition, I don’t feel they mentioned as much as I expected. However for someone just starting a journey tolooking younger & losing weightthen the guidelines in this chapter should be sufficient. They make mention that you need to:

Eat six meals (average sized) throughout the day.Have 25g of proteins per mealMaintain a balanced ratio of carbs và proteinHave 20-30% of calories coming from fat

The chapter also includes some feeds plans & tips.

Chapter 11: The Truth About Alcohol

Alcohol plays a significant role in what your body toàn thân does with fat, especially if you drink a lot và eat large meals. If you drink alcohol, your body toàn thân will use the calories from the alcohol first và store the calories from your food. My Tip: If you can, eliminate alcohol from your diet.If you want you can consume alcohol on special occasions but regular consumption will lead to lớn negative results.

Chapter 12 Your Three Key Fat-to-Muscle Supplements

This chapter gives a breakdown of the three supplements that can help boost your muscle gains & help you chiến bại fat. The Old School New Body’s Recommended Supplements are:

Branched Chain Amino Acids.Whey Protein.

Chapter 13 Frequently Asked Questions & Answers for Old School New Body

There isn’t much khổng lồ summarize about this chapter as it just answers some frequently asked question you may have after purchasing.

Chapter 14 Advanced Training: The Full Range Build Workout

This chapter is a step up from the previous workouts and is a bitmore advancedthan the other F4X sections. It is also the last part of the total F4X Training which they refer lớn as F4X Build. The workouts in the F4X Build Section last four days each week and cover a lot more parts of the body.

You can expect to work the following muscles:

Day 1– Chest, Back, AbsDay 2– Quads, Hams, CalvesDay 3– Shoulders và ArmsDay 4– Legs, Chest, Back

And that summarizes all you need lớn know about the complete old school new body toàn thân exercise programs. In a nutshell, it’s pretty comprehensive stuff and it’s easy to lớn understand và follow. Before I go into my personal thoughts on the Old School New toàn thân and F4X protocol here are the pros and cons of the program.

My Thoughts on Old School New Body

Throughout this Old-School New toàn thân Review, you’d have noticed that I had one major problem with the program.

That is its lack of more detailed information on the role of nutrition. I loved the program & wouldn’t have gotten to lớn the point in my life where I lost 72 pounds in a few months without the old school new body f4x training system.

Thinking of the cost of medications, gym fees, a personal trainer vs. The price for this program it is all worth it. The exercise methods provided are sound, tried, & proven to help you thua trận weight, look younger and feel healthier.

The bottom line

Old School New toàn thân is a remarkable weight loss and fitness program that will work great for people over 40.

If you have realistic expectations and want to take your toàn thân and health to lớn the next level, then I recommend getting this product. It comes with a 60-Day Guarantee which allows you khổng lồ refund it if you decide it’s not right for you, no questions asked.

Combine the exercises in the F4X Training System with some proper nutrition & proper rest you are guaranteed results. That’s it; I hope you learned all you needed lớn know from this Old School New toàn thân Review. If you are looking for an all-rounded workout & diet plan to get great weight loss results then give this a shot. Leave a phản hồi on your journey or your review below.

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