By now, my love for tints is no secret. They’re just what I’ve come to lượt thích over time and it all started with the original PeriPera Water Tints, I believe. I like to think the tints in the Vivid Water Tint line are the more vivacious cousins of those tints.

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THE BACKSTORY: Let me retract what I just said. The first tint I ever tried was Benefit’s Benetint. That was what I started out with but what made me fall head-over-heels in love with tints were the original Peri’s Water Tints from PeriPera. Both the Water Tints và Benetint are “legendary” products in their own rights.



THE PRODUCT: lượt thích I mentioned before, this line of tints has more toàn thân to it than other water tints. It has a thicker, more gel-like consistency. The colours of the tints across this line are highly saturated and vibrant.

If you haven’t worked with tints before, you’ll need lớn be careful for the first few times you apply it before you get the hang of it. It tends to lớn move around a lot before it dries down, so, be careful that it doesn’t stain your teeth or that you ingest it. It also stains easily, so, you need to be quick và precise with your application.

It’s quite opaque for what it is. It’s easier to tint your lips lớn the opacity you desire with this tint. What’s more, you need fewer layers for it lớn reach maximum opacity. Lượt thích most tints, it has great lasting-power và outlasts most other lip products.

The first thing you’ll notice when you crack mở cửa the “bottle” is the sweet juicy scent. It smells just lượt thích fresh juice. Another thing that you’ll be happy to cảnh báo is that it doesn’t taste half as bad as other tints. If the tint somehow enters your mouth (like most tints tend khổng lồ do), you can rest assured knowing it’s edible.

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The shade I got is ‘01 Cranberry Squeeze’, which is the exact colour of cranberry juice. It’s a fresh, vibrant pinkish berry-red hue that just brightens up the complexion in seconds. Oh, và it smells just lượt thích cranberry juice. Every time I put it on, I crave cranberry juice.

The packaging, as you can see, is adorable. It looks lượt thích a teeny-weeny bottle of juice và it comes housed in a juice carton. SO DARN CUTE. The applicator has a curve khổng lồ it so that it hugs your lips better when you apply it.

The only bé I would care khổng lồ mention is the fact that this tint emphasize lip-lines và chapped lips like no other. If your lips aren’t well-moisturised, it’s best lớn skip this product altogether. Make sure khổng lồ put on lots of lip balm!




The Original Tint Water Line got repackaged earlier this year!

DIFFERENCES BETWEEN THE TINT WATER and THE VIVID TINT WATER: The original Tint Water line recently got a makeover. They now look similar khổng lồ this line, except that they have trắng bottles and not clear ones. The Tint Water line is more lightweight and needs several layers khổng lồ reach maximum opacity. They also tend lớn be streaky và bleed a little. This line is more viscous & is more opaque and vibrant. This line also… tastes better. Both of the lines have similar lasting-power.


SWATCHES & SHADES AVAILABLE: The one I got, ’01 Cranberry Squeeze’, is a brightening pinkish berry-red that smells lượt thích cranberry juice. The other shades, I’m sure, smell like their designated fruits too. The ones currently available in this line include:

#2 Peach Squeeze#3 táo bị cắn Squeeze#4 Grapefruit Squeeze#5 Plum Squeeze


PRICE và QUANTITY: $6 – $8 (depending on where you purchase it from) for 5.5 ml of product.

AVAILABILITY: cosmetic-love, TesterKorea, iBuyBeauti, RoseRoseShop, ClubClio etc.