Chairman Pmê man Anh Duong, An Phat Holdings: We will conduct strategic plans in 20đôi mươi By Van Ly
Tuesday,Jun9,20trăng tròn,13:55(GMT+7)

Chairman Pmê mệt Anh Duong, An Phat Holdings: We will conduct strategic plans in 2020

By Van Ly

An Phat Holdings (APH) has reported an outstanding business performance in the past few years. In năm trước, it earned nearly VND1.6 trillion in revenue. The figure is expected khổng lồ increase khổng lồ VND12 trillion this year. APH has a plan to lớn launch its initial public offering (IPO) this year to lớn raise capital for its new projects. In a recent interview with The Saigon Times, APH Chairman Ptê mê Anh Duong has shared the company’s plans in the bioplastics sector.

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Chairman Pđắm đuối Anh Duong.


Can you tóm tắt APH’s plan khổng lồ build a plant worth millions of U.S. dollars?

We have raised capital for a project to lớn build a plant of polybutylene adipate terephthalate (PBAT) since 2019 and will start work on the project next year. The plant, when put into lớn operation, will help An Phat Bioplastics (ticker symbol: AAA), a key subsidiary of APH, produce compostable materials meeting the strickiểm tra international requirements on the environment protection. Once AAA can produce materials by itself, the selling prices of its products will be reduced.

The plant will be built within 18 months và completed by 2022, with an annual capathành phố of đôi mươi,000 tons & an investment of nearly VND1.5 trillion. APH sets a target that the revenue from its compostable products will trương mục for 40%-một nửa of AAA’s total in 2023.

How can the company mobilize capital for the project? Is it from the company’s IPO?

As I have mentioned before, APH has raised capital for the project since 2019. However, many investors have sầu expressed their interest in the company’s IPO, so APH has decided lớn conduct strategic plans in 2020 by launching an IPO to attract more investors. The company is working with the HCMC Stock Exchange on the IPO plan.

Is the company confident about its plan lớn raise capital this year when the whole world is facing difficulties?

Despite difficulties in the global market, our sector has not been affected much. On the contrary, AAA has received more orders from partners in America và Europe for its packaging products, bags, knives, spoons & forks as these are essential products for daily life. Thus, there is no reason for us lớn worry about this project.

APH has raised its foreign ownership cap khổng lồ 100% and is working with some investors on their ownership in the company.


APH has been active in multiple sectors, including compostable products, supporting industries, packaging, logistics, etc. So what is the key sector contributing enormously khổng lồ APH’s growth?

APH has developed a closed ecosystem by taking the initiative sầu in its input đầu vào materials and outputs. AAA, which produces packaging & compostable products, accounts for almost 90% of APH’s revenue.

About compostable products, we have sầu AnEco which are trusted by many prestigious restaurants, hotels nationwide or on shelves of several supermarkets. The products have been also exported to lớn several countries as they meet European standards.

For input materials, we cooperate with a South Korean partner, one of the five sầu companies in the world holding the patents on compostable materials. Thus, APH has become the chất lượng enterprise in Vietphái mạnh to produce materials for such products. The building of the PBAT plant is aimed at reducing the selling prices of our compostable products.

In the packaging sector, APH has developed subsidiaries. Of which, AAA is the producer, An Tien Industries is the provider of materials, và An Thanh hao Bicsol trades those materials & products.

Regarding the supporting industries, APH has set a target to lớn develop a value chain in the plastics industry & become a leader in the supporting industries in Vietphái mạnh. APH owns five sầu companies serving its plan to take part in the global value chains, including Hanoi Plastics JSC, VinFast-An Phat Plastic Auto Part Co., Ltd, Viexyên Import-Export Development Investment Co., Ltd which supply tự động hóa và motor spare parts; An Trung Industries, which provides plastic accessories for the electrithành phố & electronics sector; Vietphái nam Pattern Manufacture và Precision Mechanical Co., Ltd, which produces molds;


With the plan to lớn build the PBAT plant, how will the initiative in materials helps APH develop sustainably?

We are determined to lớn develop APH into lớn a leading hi-tech & environmentally friendly plastics group in Southeast Asia. All the hàng hóa development, production and business expansion plans must be aligned lớn this goal. The IPO và the PBAT plant project will help us take the initiative in input đầu vào materials, which is the key to lớn APH’s sustainable development in the coming periods.

About the market trkết thúc, in order khổng lồ reduce the use of disposable plastic products, the Government will hike the environment protection tax rates on enterprises producing these products, hereby raising the prices. Meanwhile, when we take the initiative in đầu vào materials, the selling prices of compostable products will be cut & the price gap with common plastic products also be narrowed and consumers will be willing lớn use environmentally friendly ones.

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APH is the first enterprise in Vietphái mạnh to lớn successfully produce compostable products meeting international standards. What is the company’s strategy in the local market?

In Vietphái nam & the world as a whole, the green consumption trend is developing strongly. Japan, South Korea & European, American countries have had plans to lớn ban disposable plastic products, which are seriously harmful khổng lồ the environment.

In Vietnam giới, the Government is also working on a plan khổng lồ reduce consumption of single-use plastic bags in supermarkets, restaurants and markets, so this is a potential market for APH.

We are focusing resources on the domestic market and expects the Vietnamese market will contribute 15% of the firm’s total production revenue by 2023.

How will APH access new partners in the supporting industries?

We have a plan to increase the number of accessories provided to existing partners. For example, we produced just a few accessories for Toyota 10 years ago but 30 ones at present. When manufacturers tover to enhance the localization rates of their products, we will have more orders lớn boost the manufacture of accessories for those partners.

In addition, the company will access new partners. As we have sầu cooperated with several multi-national corporations such as Hondomain authority, Toyota, Samsung, LG and Panasonic, we will have sầu more opportunities to work with other new partners.

APH has recently ventured into the industrial real estate sector. Will the company develop other industrial parks or only the 45-hectare An Phat Complex?

Currently, the sector is potential due khổng lồ foreign firms’ shift of production lines from other countries to Vietnam.

Especially, the trend seems khổng lồ be stronger after the Covid-19 outbreak. Some partners have sầu worked with us on land leasing. In the second quarter of this year, APH has transferred some lvà lots and will continue transferring the remaining lvà lots in the An Phat Complex until the end of 20trăng tròn.

Besides the An Phat Complex, we will invest in the Quoc Tuan-An Binc industrial park project, which will be 180 hectares large. We will clear the site for the project at the kết thúc of this year và put the project into lớn commercial operation next year.

The "Đài Loan Trung Quốc +1" trend is widely mentioned currently, what will APH vì chưng to catch these opportunities?

Both An Phat Complex & Quoc Tuan-An Binc industrial parks are located on the ikhuyến mãi positions in the northern key economic region, which is attractive to lớn investors.

Particularly, we offer one-stop services for all customers. APH, with experienced consultants, will tư vấn customers in finance, human resources, supporting industries, administrative procedures, business registration, customs and logistics.

Our long-term objective sầu is to lớn develop these two industrial parks inlớn hi-tech và eco-friendly complexes.

What is the company's ambition in the next 5 years?

In 2016, AAA set a target to lớn become the largest plastic packaging producer in Southeast Asia and it has achieved this target. Our next targets are khổng lồ become the largest bioplastics group in the region in the next three to lớn five sầu years, creating the hi-tech value chains as well as developing the company’s ecosystem. And I believe sầu that APH can fulfil these targets.

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