One of the biggest problems when it comes to buying games for children is knowing whether your child will actually be able lớn cope with it. While the rating on the box gives you an idea about the content, it doesn"t actually tell you anything about a game"s complexity - so a text heavy strategy trò chơi can still have a 3+ rating on the box. In contrast, we give each game an "Ability Level" rating based on its difficulty, complexity & reading, known as EPALs, or Everybody Plays Ability level (more info). By choosing an age above, you can filter our database by age, to lớn find games you can be sure your child will be able to lớn enjoy.

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Knowing your child will be able lớn handle a game is great - but if it"s full of swearing, violence, or sex, you still may not want your child playing it. This filter lets you set the absolute maximum màn chơi of Mature nội dung you"d be happy with. Games in Green will contain, at the absolute most, very little, very mild swearing và cartoon, non-realistic violence; those in Orange may feature more frequent swearing, blood, and realistic impacts from weapons; while Red games may feature strong swearing, bloody violence, or explicit sex.

If you"re looking for the best Nintendo 3DS games for an 8 year old, our experts are here to help. We"ve played, reviewed, and rated all of the biggest và best games, so you can be sure you"re buying a trò chơi your child will love. Here"s the list of our favourites, in order:



A hilarious quest for a stolen voice in this bro-centric role-playing adventureGenre(s): Role Playing trò chơi (Turn Based Battles)

Build your own bustling desert town in this adorable kích hoạt adventureGenre(s): Role Playing game (Real Time Battles), World Building

Monster battler"s tropical island instalment makes the perfect antidote to the cold winter weatherGenre(s): Role Playing game (Turn Based Battles)

We return to lớn a galaxy far, far away, in one of the best LEGO adventures ever.Genre(s): Platform (3D)

Solving mysteries with a hard-boiled Pikachu, in what is perhaps the most unusual Pokemon tie-in yet�Genre(s): Point và Click

A trip back lớn the tropical Pokemon paradise in Nintendo"s latest critter catching adventureGenre(s): Role Playing game (Turn Based Battles)

Brush up on your styling skills as you inherit your own boutique khổng lồ the starsGenre(s): Life Simulation

A triple dose of farming fun in this adorably chock-a-block farming/life simGenre(s): World Building

Chill with Mickey, fight ghosts with Stitch and các buổi tiệc nhỏ with Rapunzel in this Disney-themed adventureGenre(s): Life Simulation

Try your hand at running your own fashion boutique in Nintendo"s latest 3DS gameGenre(s): Life Simulation

Help Thomas and co get ready for some very important visitors in this mini-game collectionGenre(s): Mini-game

Everyone"s favourite vocaloid dances onto the 3DS in her new musical rhythm-action titleGenre(s): Music

Double pack of monster-raising, match three goodness hits the 3DSGenre(s): Puzzle (Match 3, etc), Role Playing trò chơi (Turn Based Battles)

Come fly with me, as the 3DS flight sim blasts off in a slightly upgraded outingGenre(s): Flight Simulation

Dusty & the rest of the Disney Planes hit the Wii U - but can they save the day? With simple, top-down gameplay, you take control of the entire rescue crew as you protect the forest và its inhabitants from disasters, in a truly fantastic kids game.Genre(s): Action (2D)

Nintendo takes the fight outside, but is this the Smash Bros. We"ve been waiting for, or a "lightweight" sequel?Genre(s): Beat "em up

Minis và villains join the fight for Skylands, as our favourite toy collecting adventure returns, with all the same co-op fun.Genre(s): Action (3D), Platform (3D)

Nintendo"s quirky face-stealing, Mii-centric role-playing adventure hits the 3DSGenre(s): Role Playing game (Turn Based Battles)

Everyone"s favourite culinary mini-game whiz is back - and this time she"s baking up a stormGenre(s): Mini-game

A level creator, & 100 new Mario levels come to lớn the 3DS in what could be the plumber"s last 3DS platforming outing.

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Genre(s): Platform (2D)

Harvest Moon comes over a little bit Minecraft in its latest outing - here"s our definitive verdictGenre(s): Life Simulation

A role playing game with a wicked sense of humour, Citizens of Earth has a lot in common with classic SNES game, Earthbound.Genre(s): Role Playing trò chơi (Turn Based Battles)

The kid"s film gets a match three tie-in - and luckily, it"s more Glinda than ElphabaGenre(s): Puzzle (Match 3, etc)

Creature creation game gets a retail version - but is it worth the extra cash?Genre(s): Platform (2D), World Building

Befriend a monster, and set out into the world in this Pokemon-style adventureGenre(s): Role Playing trò chơi (Turn Based Battles)

If you loved khách sạn Dusk, The Last Window, or any other great visual novel story, you"ll want to lớn read this reviewGenre(s): Point & Click (Visual Novel)

Sonic and friends return for a platformer with a change of pace, as they try lớn put bad Wii U memories behind them.Genre(s): Platform (3D)

The Mushroom Kingdom"s board game/mini-game-fest is back - và now, you all move at once.Genre(s): Mini-game, Trivia, thẻ or Board Game

Farming, fighting & friendship collide in this adorable Rune Factory-alikeGenre(s): Role Playing trò chơi (Turn Based Battles)

Pac-Man may have been around longer than I"ve been, alive but he"s no intention of fading away.Genre(s): Platform (3D)

Long-running farming-come-life-sim Harvest Moon returns khổng lồ the 3DS - but is it any good?Genre(s): Life Simulation

Just when you think you had picross beat - ding ding mother flipper, it"s back for more!Genre(s): Puzzle (Logic and Brain Teasers)

In which we faffed about as a knight, leading a guild of dungeon explorers!Genre(s): Role Playing game (Turn Based Battles)

Adventure Time, the Regular Show, Steven Universe, & many more best loved characters come together to take on the world in this side-scrolling beat "em up.Genre(s): Action (2D)

The little guys return in a 3DS adventure that"s unlike any Pikmin trò chơi you"ve ever playedGenre(s): Platform (2D)

The 3DS gets a multiplayer-oriented spin-off - but can it live up lớn its name?Genre(s): Role Playing game (Real Time Battles)